Who is starring in Doctors today?

Who is starring in Doctors today?

Doctors Current Characters

  • Al Haskey. Played by Ian Midlane.
  • Ayesha Lee. Played by Laura Rollins.
  • Daniel Granger. Played by Matthew Chambers.
  • Emma Reid. Played by Dido Miles.
  • Heston Carter. Played by Owen Brenman.
  • Jimmi Clay. Played by Adrian Lewis Morgan.
  • Karen Hollins. Played by Jan Pearson.
  • Mrs Tembe. Played by Lorna Laidlaw.

Who is the new character in Doctors?

Luca McIntyre (Ross McLaren) – joined Ross McLaren joined the cast of Doctors as newcomer Luca McIntyre on February 24, 2021. Doctors is the stage star’s first stab at a TV role.

Who is the new male nurse in Doctors?

Luca McIntyre
Luca McIntyre, portrayed by Ross McLaren, made his first appearance on 24 February 2021….

Luca McIntyre
Doctors character
Classification Present; regular
Occupation Nurse

Who is the new actress in Doctors?

Martha Howe-Douglas has become the latest actress to join the BBC daytime medical drama, Doctors. Martha Howe-Douglas is the latest signing to join the cast of the BBC daytime medical drama, Doctors.

Who is the new receptionist in Doctors?

Doctors welcomes back Sarah Moyle as eccentric receptionist Valerie Pitman!

Who is the receptionist in Doctors?

BBC One – Doctors – Doctors welcomes back Sarah Moyle as eccentric receptionist Valerie Pitman!

How old is Valerie Pitman in Doctors?

Sarah Moyle (born 14 September 1969) is an English actress, known for her roles as Linda Fawcett in various stage productions of Jerusalem and Valerie Pitman in the BBC soap opera Doctors….

Sarah Moyle
Occupation Actress
Years active 1997–present
Known for Doctors

Is Sarah Moyle leaving Doctors?

Airs Wednesday 23 June 2021 at 1.45pm on BBC One. Valerie Pitman (played by Sarah Moyle) has QUIT her job and hit the road in search of adventure on Doctors! (BBC One, 1.45pm – see our TV Guide for listings).

Is Valerie Still in Doctors?

Valerie Pitman is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera Doctors, portrayed by Sarah Moyle. Valerie is introduced as a temporary receptionist at the Mill, and made her first appearance on 15 October 2012. She departed on 3 December 2012 but made brief returns in 2013 and 2014. …

Who are the actors in the TV show Dr who?

Jenny Howe Dr. Louise Forrester/ 2 episodes, 2004-2016 Myriam Acharki Carmen Cifuentes/ 2 episodes, 2004-2015 Tracy Ann Oberman Cathy Harley/ 2 episodes, 2004-2009 John Nayagam Dominic Pignon/ 2 episodes, 2004-2009

Who are the actors in the TV show surgery patient?

Michael Fenton Stevens Charles Murray/ 5 episodes, 2001-2006 Margaret Wheldon Surgery Patient5 episodes, 2001-2002 Guy Henry Giles Carey5 episodes, 2001 Roberta Taylor Rachel Whiting5 episodes, 2001 Donald Gee

Who are the producers of doctors on BBC?

Doctors is produced by BBC Birmingham and is screened on BBC One. It was created by Chris Murray, with Mal Young as the original executive producer. When the series premiered, BBC’s head of daytime programming felt that commissioning the series was an ambitious move.

How many viewers does the BBC’s doctors get per episode?

In a 2010 review of BBC continuing dramas, it was reported by Digital Spy that Doctors regularly won the largest share in its time slot, and attracted consistent audience numbers, with an average of 2 million viewers per episode.