Who is mix monster in Nigeria music?

Who is mix monster in Nigeria music?

Under MMMG, Selebobo was known as Mixx Monsta. In 2014, he also produced the hit single, “Johnny”, for Yemi Alade, which has garnered more than a hundred million views.

Who is mixed monster?

Certified beat master, music producer and singer, Selebobo goes by the mononym ‘Mix Monster’ when his assignment requires services from his mixing and music mastery skill. Some of his credits include songs by Yemi Alade, Bracket, Flavour and Tekno.

Who wrote monster in me little mix?

Little Mix
Monster In Me/Artists

Who is swaps on the mix?

Popular Nigerian sound engineer, Efe Destiny Esuakpor, widely known as SWAPS on the mix, has recently revealed what made his mix unique and evolving over the years.

Who is beat monster?

LayLow, C.E.O “Soundville music company”, hails from Delta State in Nigeria, attended Federal Goverment College Ugwolawo in Kogi State and went on to graduate with a Bsc. Degree in Pure Physics at the University Of Lagos (UniLag).

Who is the best sound engineer in Nigeria?

Suka Andrews is no neophyte to the Nigerian music industry. Asides from being well sought-after by artistes, he also has perhaps the most familiar signature line heard on many many hit songs that have surfaced on and off the music charts. Suka Sounds has a career that spans almost a decade and he isn’t slowing down.

Who swaps producer?

Efe Destiny Esuakpor popularly know as Swaps or Swapsonthemix was born on the 11th of November, 1984 (in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria), Swaps., acclaimed to be one of the biggest audio mixing and mastering engineers in Nigeria, is based in Nigeria.

Where is Selebobo from?

Enugu, Nigeria
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Where can I learn sound engineering in Nigeria?

SoundCraft is Nigeria’s leading Academy for training in Music Production & Sound Engineering. Whether your goal is to be a pro audio engineer, master the recording process as an artist or producer, SoundCraft Academy provides the knowledge and experience to make it a reality.

How old is Tekno?

29 years (December 17, 1992)
Tekno Miles/Age

How do I become a music producer in Nigeria?

The job is a professional one, so to really produce music it takes grit and below are the steps one may take to become a music producer.

  1. Get a Formal Education in Music.
  2. Register With The Copyrights Organization.
  3. Start a Recording Studio.
  4. Attending Social Events is a Must.
  5. Responsibilities of a Music Producer.