What things must be cited or documented?

What things must be cited or documented?

Information that always must be cited—whether web-based or print-based—includes:

  • Quotations, opinions, and predictions, whether directly quoted or paraphrased.
  • Statistics derived by the original author.
  • Visuals in the original.
  • Another author’s theories.
  • Case studies.

How do you do internal references?

Using MLA Style Internal Citations. Include the author’s last name for in-text citations. Print sources include magazines, books, newspapers, and scholarly journal articles. When citing these kinds of sources that have a known author, cite the author’s last name and a page number.

What kind of materials should be documented?

Here are some types of information that should always be documented:

  • Facts not widely known or debatable, especially if their veracity can be challenged in any way.
  • Hard evidence such as statistics, graphs, charts, diagrams, or figures unless they are products of your own field research.

What does internal reference mean?

What Is an Internal Reference? An internal reference is when someone working at a given company recommends another person for an open position at that company.

What is documented research?

Document research method refers to the analysis of documents that contains information about the scenario or event under consideration. It is used to investigate, categorize and analyze physical sources, most commonly written documents, in the social, public or digital world.

Is it okay to say references available upon request?

No, you shouldn’t put “references available upon request” on your resume. Career experts universally agree that the phrase is superfluous. Because hiring managers know that if they need references, they can ask and expect to receive them.

What is an internal citation example?

MLA in-text citation style uses the author’s last name and the page number from which the quotation or paraphrase is taken, for example: (Smith 163). If the source does not use page numbers, do not include a number in the parenthetical citation: (Smith).

What is the format for a research paper?

How to Format Your Research Paper

MLA Guidelines
Paper Standard size (8.5 x 11″ in the U.S.)
Page Margins 1″ on all sides (top, bottom, left, right)
Font 12-pt. easily readable (e.g., Times Roman)
Spacing Double-spaced throughout, including captions and bibliography

How do you reference company information?

Basic format to reference company information

  1. Author.
  2. Year.
  3. Report title (in italics).
  4. Date viewed.
  5. Website address or database provider.

How do you list references in research?

The references are to be alphabetized by the fist author’s last name, or (if no author is listed) the organization or title. If you cite more than one paper by the same first author, sort them by year of publication, earliest year first. Do not use footnotes for citations.

How do you reference a thesis Harvard style?

Thesis or Dissertation

  1. Author.
  2. Year of submission (in round brackets).
  3. Title of thesis (in italics).
  4. Degree statement.
  5. Degree-awarding body.

What is internal documentation in an essay?

An internal citation allows the writer to give immediate acknowledgement of sources of information used in a research paper as they are used, in an abbreviated format. For MLA citations also include the page number when using a direct quote.

How do you Harvard reference confidential information?

Confidential Information

  1. Anonymised institution/agency (in square brackets).
  2. Year produced (in round brackets).
  3. Anonymised title (in italics) (use square brackets for the anonymised part).
  4. Location.
  5. Anonymised producer (in square brackets).

How do you Harvard reference an internal document?

To be made up of:

  1. Author or organisation.
  2. Year produced (in round brackets).
  3. Title of report (in italics).
  4. Internal report (including name of institution).
  5. Unpublished.

How do you reference confidential information?

Confidential information

  1. Anonymised institution/agency (in square brackets).
  2. Year of report.
  3. Anonymised title (in italics).
  4. Location.
  5. Publisher is simply the anonymised institution/agency (again, with square brackets).

How do you Harvard reference an unpublished paper?

Citing an unpublished paper presented at a conference, follow the format described in this section. References: Author Surname, Initial(s) Year of publication, ‘Title of paper’, paper presented to Name of the conference, Place of the conference, date held. viewed Date month Year, ..