What makes a man happy according to Pope in solitude?

What makes a man happy according to Pope in solitude?

In his “Ode to Solitude,” Pope asserts that happiness can be found in living a retired, quiet, and self-sufficient life on one’s own land. In the fourth stanza, he enlarges on his ideas of happiness by mentioning a life filled with study, ease, and innocence.

What message does the poem the last bargain convey?

“The Last Bargain” by Tagore is a sixteen lines poem composed in blank verse conveying a strong message well needed for the materialistic world that no power, money or lust can make us happy. Simplicity and innocence are the most supreme of all

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What message is the persona trying to convey?

Answer: The message that this poem conveys is that the peace which one can get in isolated or untouched areas with a lot of greenery can not be attained at any other place or with any sort of materialistic things or crowd of cities

How does the poet describe the movement of snake?

Answer : The poet described the movement of the snake, by calling it graceful and beautiful. Its movements captivate the poet’s attention as it glides through the water to hide itself and disappear into reeds. Also, a green snake is not venomous and hence not harmful.

Why is the poet fascinated by the snake?

that why he was fascinated by the snake. The poet want it to let it go unhurt in the reeds as it is a small green colour snake and because of his small size he is not even harmful to a small children. That’s why the poet want the snake to go in the reeds without being getting hurt .

Why did the person with a stick attack the snake?

Why did the person with a stick attack the snake? Answer: The person attacked the snake when he saw it lying on the sand. He was driven by his own fear of snakes and their being venomous that led him to attack the snake to either kill it or drive it away

What was the snake trying and why?

In this poem, a harmless green – coloured snake tries to save itself from being hit by a person who is chasing it with a stick to kill it. The poet says that the snake is harmless even to children. People fear snakes and when they see one, they try to kill it with a stick.

Where does the poet want to confine himself?

(a) The poet wants to confine himself in his native place a village.

Where do snakes disappear?

Answer: The snake was lying on the sand before anyone saw it and chased it away. The snake disappeared in the ripples of the water among the green reeds

What type of poem is alone?

‘Alone’ is a lyric poem. A lyric poem has a tone of deep feeling or emotional reflection on the author’s part. The first 12 lines of this poem follow the iambic tetrameter exhibited most clearly by the first 4 lines.

What message does the poet convey through the poem a tiger in the zoo?

Answer: The poet wants to convey that it is cruel to keep wild animals in small enclosures of the zoo, away from their natural habitat. They feel angry, helpless and unhappy, and remember their life and environment in the forest.

Who is the poet addressing to in the poem?

Answer: the poet addressing his poem to a young woman he has loved

What is the message of the poem animals?

The poet Walt Whitman wants to convey the message that man should live a happy, contended, peaceful life like the animals. He should not indulge in amassing wealth. It will make him selfish, greedy, commit sins, repent for his behaviour and follies and spend sleepless nights.

What does ode mean?

To a Nightingale

What is the snake trying to escape from class 9?

Answer: The snake is trying to escape from the pursuing stick. Human beings try their level best to kill the snake. They take it for granted that the snake is poisonous and harmful.

What does solitude mean?

1 : the quality or state of being alone or remote from society : seclusion. 2 : a lonely place (such as a desert)

What is the central idea of the poem?

The central idea of a poem is the poem’s theme or ‘what it’s about’ if you like. Although many shy away from poems being ‘about’ something, at the end of the day, the poet had something in mind when it was written, and that something is the central idea, whatever it is or might have been

What is meant by the lines and not a stone tell where I lie?

Sataricsl poem Alexander Pope (1688-1744) in his ‘Ode on Solitude’ says to the reader, “And not a stone, tell where I lie”. It is a poem about a happy man who is happy in his own ancestral acre of land. But in the given quotation he says that like the happy man he wants to remain unseen and unknown from the world

What is the style of the poem the snake trying?

Answer. The poem is written in free verse and rhyme scheme is absent and lines are unequal in length and there is no meter. A transferred epithet is an adjective that qualifies a noun other than the person and the thin it is actually describing