What kind of water filter does a Kenmore fridge use?

What kind of water filter does a Kenmore fridge use?

Genuine Kenmore Elite 9081 Refrigerator Water Filter – W10295370A EDR1RXD1.

Do all Kenmore refrigerators have filters?

Kenmore fridges either have a filter inside the fridge near the top of the machine, or they have the filter on the bottom underneath the doors. Both types of filter require a minimal amount of work, so just be sure you have a replacement filter that fits your fridge model!

Are Kenmore and Whirlpool filters the same?

Kenmore products also include accessories like refrigerator water filters produced by various brands. Model Numbers 46-9010, 46-9020, 46-9030 and 46-9902 all correspond to refrigerator water filter models manufactured by Whirlpool.

How often replace water filter Kenmore refrigerator?

How Often to Change Your Water Filter. Generally, manufacturers recommend changing refrigerator water filters at least every six months.

When should I replace my Kenmore refrigerator water filter?

Kenmore Refrigerator Water Filters reduce chlorine taste and odor from the water and can also remove many other contaminants from your water. Replace your Kenmore refrigerator filter cartridges every 6 months or when the filter change indicator light turns red.

Can I get a replacement water filter for my Kenmore refrigerator?

We can send you your Kenmore water filter replacement automatically, so you don’t have to remember to reorder. Not sure which is the right filter for your refrigerator? Use our Refrigerator Water Filter Finder for help. For video on how to install your water filter, check out our What type of water filter is in your Kenmore refrigerator? article.

How do I get a replacement part for my Kenmore refrigerator?

… Need a replacement part for your refrigerator? Search for and order refrigerator parts and accessories such as water installation kits, air filters, or a specific water filter. Check the model number of your Kenmore appliance to see what parts are compatible.

Is Kenmore a good brand for refrigerators?

Kenmore French door refrigerators combine sleek design with flexible storage options and smart capabilities. An ideal refrigerator for the home cook and families on-the-go. Check out the french door fridge models with water and ice dispensers in the side door for easy refills.

Are Kenmore water filters NSF certified?

Kenmore refrigerator water filters Kenmore refrigerator water filters are certified by the NSF to remove chlorine taste and odor (NSF standard 42).