What is the GVWR of a International 4900?

What is the GVWR of a International 4900?


Quantity 1
Gross Vehicle Weight 53,000 lb
Lift Axle Weight 20,000 lb
Rear Axle Weight 21,000 lb
Front Axle Weight 12,000 lb

What class truck is a International 4900?

The 4000 series was the medium-duty truck range (the 3000 series bus chassis replaced the “Schoolmaster”), with the 7100/8100 serving as the Class 7/8 tractor series….Severe-service trucks.

Model Replaced Notes
4700 Low-profile chassis
4900 S1800 Available with tandem rear axles
8100 S1900
8200 Long hood truck-tractor

How much does a International 4900 weigh?

GVW = 39,000 lbs.

What does unladen weight mean on a vehicle?

Unladen weight (sometimes shown as tare weight) is defined as the weight of a vehicle equipped and ready for operation on the road and includes: The body, fenders, permanently attached boxes, and body parts.

Who makes the dt466 engine?

International DT466 Specs

Manufacturer Navistar International *
Engine Weight 1,425+ lbs
B50 Life 550,000 miles
Horsepower Up to 300hp @ 2,200 rpm
Torque (lb-ft) Up to 860 lb-ft @ 1,300 rpm

How much weight can a 5 axle dump truck haul?

80,000 lbs.
Regular Operations

Single Axle 20,000 lbs.
Tandem Axle 34,000 lbs.
Tridem Axle Per State weight table
Gross Weight Per State weight table 80,000 lbs. (5-axle or more)
Other n/a

What is the GVW on a International 4700?

2000 International 4700 T444e 29000 Gvw – Bobby Gerharts Truck World Inc. 7.3, Allison, 29,000 GVW, Airbrake, 84 inch CA, 154 inch WB, Ambidextrous Drive.

Where do I find unladen weight for car?

Check the “Tire and Loading Information” plate located inside the frame of the driver’s side door. Many manufacturers will stamp the weight of the vehicle on this plate.

How do you find the unladen weight of a vehicle?

This is the weight of the vehicle itself, with no load. To find the unladen weight, check the driver’s side doorframe for a plate named “Title and Loading Information,” the owner’s manual, or automobile websites. A “Pick-up truck registered as a passenger vehicle,” must have an unladen weight of 6,001 lbs. or less.

Is the 1996 International 4900 a good truck?

1996 International 4900 Harsh International Hoist This is not Navistar International’s latest and greatest. What you are looking at is about the most generic, forgettable looking truck anyone ever built. This is not to say that it isn’t a good truck.

How many miles does a 1996 International 4700 have?

1996 INTERNATIONAL 4700, Service – Utility Truck, 1996 INTERNATIONAL 4700 303,382 MILES DT466 ENGINE 6 SPEED TRANSMISSION Tandam axle Truck runs but n… 1996 INTERNATIONAL, 4700, Heavy Duty Trucks – Conventional Day Cab Trucks, INTERNATIONAL DT466, Automatic, 1996 INTERNATIONAL 4700 SINGLE AXLE DT-466

What kind of truck is the 4900?

Anyway, we got the truck yesterday. (eariler than I thought) It is a 1992 4900 6×6, 46000 GVRW. It is a fromer Seebee dump truck.

What is the difference between the 4700 and the 4900 series?

4700 Series – most of the trucks were 26K GVWR and single axle, however there were combinations of front an rear axles that put the GVW at 28K-33K lbs. 4900 Series – Usually 33K to above 60K lb GVW but you can also find a few 26K lb GVW 4900’s floating around but they are rare.