What is the difference between an RV and a park model?

What is the difference between an RV and a park model?

The key difference between the park model RV and a more traditional form of RV-ing is in the length of time the RV’s stay in one spot. Traditional RV’s are manufactured to be on the go. Park Model RV’s are designed for more long-term residency. They’re not as mobile as the traditional RV.

How much do park model RVs cost?

Park models start at around $24,900 for a second-hand model and go all the way up to $200,000. They’re still an affordable expense and allow for your family to have fun together while having easy access to home features like laundry facilities onsite.

How long do park models last?

As far as holding their value, park model homes are excellent investments. They are built to last 30-50 years or more with minimal maintenance, and their rising popularity means that their rental and resale value is still very high.

Does a park model need a foundation?

One of the most important parts of a Park Trailer set-up is the foundation. In areas where the soil is subject to freezing and thawing, the foundation must be designed in compliance with local building rules; therefore, always check local building codes for footing depth, block size, etc.

What size are park model homes?

Park models are usually 10” to 12” wide and require special permits to be moved to a new location; if they’re ever moved. The difference in width may not seem like a lot, but 12 feet is almost 47% wider than 8 feet 3 inches. Since park models are built on a single trailer chassis, they can be quickly set up at a park.

Is buying a park model worth it?

How many square feet is a park model RV?

With nearly 400 square feet of living space, our energy efficient park model RVs offer remarkable function thanks to full-size appliances, built-in storage cabinets, covered porches and attractive architectural features. Champion’s park model RVs are sold under the Athens Park brand name.

What are the features of an Athens Park model RV?

Athens Park Model RVs are available in coastal, rustic and traditional styles. Most designs feature a bedroom, bathroom, full kitchen and living area. Many of our floor plans offer a loft above the kitchen — large enough for a guest to sleep in — and optional built-in cabinets in the bedroom for additional storage.

Why buy a park model RV?

Our park model RVs provide top-of-the-line amenities and options for you to personalize every last detail of your relaxing retreat, so you can create the moments that matter most. The only thing left to do is decide which park model is best for you.

What does a park model home look like?

Our standard park model home lineup features a uniquely designed exterior and an interior look found only in the high end residential home market. The interior of our park model homes feature tape and textured walls and ceilings accented by plant ledges, soffits over the cabinets, recessed lighting and ten foot ceilings.