What is the best synonyms for omit?

What is the best synonyms for omit?


  • ignore,
  • overlook,
  • overpass,
  • pass over,
  • pretermit,
  • slight.
  • What is the synonym of rival?

    competitor, opponent, contestant, contender, challenger. adversary, antagonist, enemy, foe, nemesis. rare corrival, vier. partner, ally. 2’in terms of versatility the tool has no rival’

    Is omit formal?

    Formal English: We use it when writing essays for school, cover letters to apply for jobs, or emails and letters at work….Verbs – Informal & Formal.

    Informal Formal
    leave out omit
    point out indicate
    go against oppose
    get in touch with contact

    What is a synonym and antonym for rival?

    adversary, antagonist, competitor, enemy, foe, opponent. Antonyms: abettor, accessory, accomplice, ally, friend, helper, supporter.

    What omitted information?

    5. Omitted is defined as left out or left undone. When you left out facts as you were telling a story, this is an example of facts that were omitted. verb.

    Which is the opposite of the word rival ‘?

    What is the opposite of rival?

    ally noncompetitor
    comrade coworker
    bedfellow abettor
    aide sidekick
    workmate accessory

    What is another word for Apple?

    other words for apple. MOST RELEVANT. blue-green. olive. aquamarine. beryl. chartreuse. fir. forest.

    What are some words that mean to omit?

    1 : to leave out or leave unmentioned omits one important detail You can omit the salt from the recipe. 2 : to leave undone : fail —The patient omitted taking his medication. 3 obsolete : disregard. 4 obsolete : give up.

    Who are Apple’s main competitors?

    Nonetheless, the company retains its fair share of competitors. Given that Apple operates in the desktop and laptop computer, smartphone and entertainment technology spaces, it faces competition from an ever-growing array of peers and from a number of different sides. Many of Apple’s primary competitors are primarily manufacturers of computers.

    What is the correct way to spell Apple?

    [‘ˈæpəl’] fruit with red or yellow or green skin and sweet to tart crisp whitish flesh. How do you pronounce apple? Pronounce apple as ˈæpəl. 1. Noun, singular or mass Pour one tablespoonful of apple cider vinegar into a glass of water and stir it well.