What is local calling area with Bell?

What is local calling area with Bell?

Local calling areas determine where you can place calls on your wireless phone without incurring long distance charges. Your local calling area depends on where your phone is physically located – you become local to where you are, regardless of your phone number.

What counts as long distance calling?

In telecommunications, a long-distance call (U.S.) or trunk call (also known as a toll call in the U.K.) is a telephone call made to a location outside a defined local calling area. Long-distance calls are typically charged a higher billing rate than local calls.

Do I get charged for incoming long distance calls bell?

Receiving calls If you receive a call while outside your local calling area, you will be charged long distance. You will be billed your regular airtime charges plus long distance.

How much does bell charge for long distance calls?

Ontario and Québec basic long distance rates

Calling distance (miles) Peak rates (per minute) Off-Peak rates (per minute)
0 to 10 $0.19 $0.16
11 to 22 $0.63 $0.54
23 to 40 $0.88 $0.75
41 to 80 $1.12 $0.95

How do I know my local calling area?

How do I find my local calling area?

  1. Your local calling area is defined by your home exchange (prefix) and your LATA (Local Access Transport Area)
  2. This geographic area determines the numbers you can call without incurring a charge.
  3. Your home exchange includes all the phone numbers in your local calling area.

Do landline phone companies still charge for long distance?

Landline still have long distance charges because of the way the call is setup – requiring often two or more independent corporations: the local exchange phone company on the transmitting end and receiving end as well as a long distance carrier in-between.

Is it long distance to call a cell phone from a landline?

If you are calling a number within the same area code you are generally making a local call. If you are calling outside of your area code but within the United States, you are generally making a long distance call, but there are of course exceptions. Landlines and cell phones are assigned phone numbers the same way.

How much do long-distance calls cost?

Generally, telecom providers charge from $. 02 to $. 12 per minute for long distance telephone calls within the United States. These billing plans might also come with monthly service fees or monthly minimums.

How do you know if a call is long distance or local?

If the area code is assigned to another city or state, the call will likely incur long distance charges. Call your telephone service provider from the phone that you intend to use to make the call. Give them the 10 digit phone number and ask them if dialing that number will incur long distance charges.

Is area code 242 long distance?

The Bahamas
The country code for The Bahamas is: “1” The Numbering Plan Area (NPA) Code for The Bahamas is: “242”. This code is commonly referred to as the area code. International long distance calls terminating outside of the NANP are dialled using the format required by the terminating country.