What is considered a low GMAT score?

What is considered a low GMAT score?


How do you justify a low GMAT score?

explain it. Don’t justify it, just explain it. The best advice you can get from our college admissions consultants is don’t try to spin it, just explain it. A clear, quick explanation ITSELF can earn you credibility, more so than your argumentation.

What do I do if my GMAT score is low?

11 Ways to Address a Low GMAT Score

  1. Overcome a low GMAT score.
  2. Consider a retake.
  3. Study more.
  4. Reach out for help or use free test prep resources.
  5. Evaluate what went wrong.
  6. Pace yourself and answer every test question if you can.
  7. Try the GRE.
  8. Demonstrate math skills.

Which executive MBA program is best?

Top 10 Executive MBA Programs in the World 2020

QS Global Top 10 Executive MBA Programs 2020
Rank School Program
1 The Wharton School MBA for Executives
2 IESE Business School – University of Navarra Global Executive MBA
3 HEC Paris Executive MBA

What should I do after Executive MBA?

Here are some of the job profiles that you can seek for after completion of your Executive MBA….Executive MBA Career Opportunities – Executive MBA Job Opportunities in Top Companies.

Career Opportunities after Executive MBA in HR
Sr. Human Resources (HR) Manager Recruiter
Product Head Sales Manager

Is Executive MBA worth in India?

The EMBA programmes are more expensive than the regular two-year full-time MBA programmes. These courses offer an opportunity to bolster one’s career, hence the fees could be considered as an investment, which could yield significant returns in future. As mentioned, an Executive MBA in India is pricey.