What is Brown looking for in a student?

What is Brown looking for in a student?

While there are no specific admissions requirements to get into Brown, the admissions team is searching for applicants who display an eagerness to learn and a willingness to accept intellectual challenges. They prefer to see a student get a ‘B’ in an AP or IB class than an ‘A’ in an honors class.

Is Brown very liberal?

Brown has a reputation as the most liberal of the Ivies.

What is brown famous for?

Founded in 1764, Brown is a leading research university home to world-renowned faculty, and also an innovative educational institution where the curiosity, creativity and intellectual joy of students drives academic excellence. The spirit of the undergraduate Open Curriculum infuses every aspect of the University.

What are the bad parts of Providence?

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Providence, RI

  • Olneyville. Population 7,046. 90 % Violent Crimes 944 crimes / 100k people.
  • Smith Hill. Population 5,372. 75 %
  • Charles. Population 6,312. 47 %
  • West End. Population 17,375. 35 %
  • Wanskuck. Population 12,204. 33 %
  • Hartford. Population 6,442. 26 %
  • Lower South Providence. Population 6,027. 25 %
  • Federal Hill. Population 6,992. 20 %

What is the most dangerous city in Rhode Island?


Is Providence College in a safe area?

Providence College reported no safety-related incidents involving students while on Providence public property near campus in 2019. 2,561 of the 3,990 colleges and universities that reported crime and safety data also reported no incidents.

Is Rhode Island ghetto?

In probably the smallest state in the United States, the state of Rhode Island has only a handful of sizeable cities, like Providence or Cranston, with only a few cities that have neighborhoods within the Rhode Island ghetto. Just miles away from the South Side is the Rhode Island ghetto of Providence’s West Side.

Is Providence a good place to live?

Providence is one of the top 25 best places to live on the East Coast, thanks to its expanding job opportunities. With an unemployment rate of 3.2% and major employers like Roger Williams Medical Center, Citizens Financial Group, and Textron, finding a new career here is easy.

Is it safe to walk in Providence at night?

Providence has some neighborhoods that should be avoided, especially at night. It is a city, so it’s probably wise to lock your doors, be alert if you are walking alone, etc. However, overall, the violent crime is pretty low. According to wikipedia, violent crime here is average, but neighborhood specific.

How dangerous is Providence?

Providence And when it comes to Rhode Island crime, Providence has one of the highest crime rates. It has the highest rate of property crime in Rhode Island and has the second highest rate of violent crime. In fact, crime is so prevalent in the state that your chances of being a victim of a violent crime are 1 in 176.

Is Providence RI worth visiting?

Providence is a great place to visit. Dense and walkable, with three great universities dominating downtown. Distinctive architecture throughout the East Side and College Hill area.