What is another name for IDEA?

What is another name for IDEA?

Some common synonyms of idea are conception, concept, impression, notion, and thought.

How do you describe being full?

  1. replete,
  2. sated,
  3. satiate,
  4. satiated,
  5. stuffed,
  6. surfeited.

What is the word idea?

1 : a formulated thought or opinion. 2 : whatever is known or supposed about something a child’s idea of time.

Is Ideator a word?

1.1 [NO OBJECT] Form ideas; think. Consistent with the definition on Urbandictionary.com, Wiktionary offers a general definition of ideator: One who ideates; one who holds or generates an idea, or synthesizes a concept. There is significant evidence that ideator continues to be used in positive non-slang contexts.

How do you describe thoughts?

Words used to describe intelligent thought or actions – thesaurus

  1. genius. adjective. informal very clever or original.
  2. intellectual. adjective.
  3. reasoned. adjective.
  4. perceptive. adjective.
  5. incisive. adjective.
  6. smart. adjective.
  7. deductive. adjective.
  8. insightful. adjective.

Whats the opposite of an idea?

Antonyms: actuality, fact, reality, substance. Synonyms: apprehension, archetype, belief, conceit, concept, conception, design, fancy, fantasy, ideal, image, imagination, impression, judgment, model, notion, opinion, pattern, plan, purpose, sentiment, supposition, theory, thought.

What do you call someone who has good ideas?

Ideator. A person who creates productive ideas, a conceptualist. One who ideates; one who holds or generates an idea, or synthesizes a concept.

What are ideas people?

Idea people are creative problem solvers. An idea person is typically defined as someone who simply comes up with the good ideas. While everyone else is working on a current issue, idea people are on to solving the next.

What is meant by preconceived?

When you already have an opinion about something before you’ve given it much thought, you can call that a preconceived idea. It’s almost always an idea or opinion that’s described as preconceived.

How do you describe someone with a lot of ideas?

Imaginative, creative, prolific, innovative, or an ideas guy/person are all positive. Day-dreamer, pipe-dreamer, idealist, fantasist, mitty (as in Walter Mitty) are all negative.