What is a typical R-value?

What is a typical R-value?

Depending on where you live and the part of your home you’re insulating (walls, crawlspace, attic, etc.), you’ll need a different R-Value. Typical recommendations for exterior walls are R-13 to R-23, while R-30, R-38 and R-49 are common for ceilings and attic spaces.

What are the zones for insulation?

Recommended insulation levels for retrofitting existing wood-framed buildings

Zone Add Insulation to Attic Floor
Uninsulated Attic
3 R30 to R60 R19 to R25
4 R38 to R60 R25 to R30
5 to 8 R49 to R60 R25 to R30

What R-value is Zone 6?

Zone 6 requires an R-value of 15, and zones 7 and 8 require a value of 19.

What is a good R-value for interior walls?

Depending on the insulation properties of the existing wall, in general the R-values of the renovated walls can be between R-19 and R-22 (0.25 to 0.30 W / m² K) – without additional risk to the structure. Of course this is highly dependant on the location, local climate and condition of the exterior wall.

What is R-value of concrete?

Tables of Building Material R-values

Material Thickness R-value (F° · sq.ft. · hr/Btu)
Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) 12″ 1.28
Concrete 60 pounds per cubic foot 1″ 0.52
Concrete 70 pounds per cubic foot 1″ 0.42
Concrete 80 pounds per cubic foot 1″ 0.33

Is higher R-value better?

“R” means resistance to heat flow. Here’s what to know: The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power. Almost all insulation products have to tell you their R-value — including duct wrap.

What is the best R-value for 2×4 walls?

Insulation for 2×4 Walls In most wall applications, you will use R-13 or R-15 kraft-faced fiberglass insulation rolls for these two-by-four stud walls. While rated differently, these two types of insulation are close enough in thickness that they can both fit into modern two-by-four wall systems.

How thick should blown in insulation be?

When blown into attics and wall spaces, loose-fill fiberglass offers an average R-2.5 thermal value per inch (the higher the number, the greater the insulating effect). You’d need a thickness of about 7.5 inches of insulation to match the insulating value of a batt of R-19 insulation (R-19 is a common batt value).

What R-value insulation do I need for basement ceiling?

In fact, you’ll need a minimum value of R-10 for your basement ceiling. The higher the number, the more heat-resistant the surface you’re insulating will be.

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