What is a Bielefelder?

What is a Bielefelder?

Bielefelder is a German breed of chicken made famous by Gerd Roth in 1980’s Germany. This breed comes in two colors, crele and silver. Silver is the rarest as it was considered a cull early on in the breeding program as Roth bred for his ultimate crele Uber chicken. We keep both varieties.

Is a Bielefelder an auto-sexing breed?

This is an auto-sexing breed. They breed true, but chicks are sexable by color at one day of age. Among the breeds used to develop the Bielefelder were the New Hampshire, Rhode Island Red and Welsummer. The birds are recognised only in the Legbar color. .

Are there any unrelated bloodlines of bielefelders?

In 2013, and again in 2017, we imported unrelated bloodlines of Bielefelders. The introduction of modern chicken breeds is often accompanied with much hype, but in the case of the Bielefelders the superlatives happen to be true. If you could choose only one breed of chicken to keep the Bielefelder would be the breed to select.

Are bielefelders easy to raise?

This fairly new breed is making a huge splash in the poultry world. These gentle giants are extremely docile, beautiful and easy to raise — the hardest thing about raising Bielefelders is being able to pronounce their name. These robust birds have large, round bodies that put Orpingtons to shame.

Who created the Bielefelder chicken?

Gerd Roth a poultry farmer created the Bielefelder chicken. Prized for its high quality meat, the Bielefelder chicken came together after a number of breeds were brought together to create it.

Does Bielefelder sell eggs by breed?

We do not offer chicken hatching eggs by specific breed. Our chicken hatching eggs are sold as assortments, hatchery choice of breeds included. Are Bielefelder auto Sexing?

What does a Bielefelder chicken look like?

Bielefelder Breed Standard This chicken breed has a large single comb, red earlobes and wattles. A lot of people like the Bielefelder because of its auto-sexing ability, which means that the females and the males hatch in different colors. A male chick will have a white or yellow spot on its head when it hatches, and its colors will be lighter.