What happened on August 11 1972?

What happened on August 11 1972?

Which were the important events of August 11, 1972? Vietnam War: the last United States ground combat unit departs South Vietnam.

What happened in August of 1972?

August 10, 1972 (Thursday) A meteor came within 58 km (36 mi) of the Earth, entering the atmosphere over Utah at 20:28:29 GMT and departing 101 seconds later at 20:30:10 over Canada, before skipping back out. The fireball was visible in daylight, with the occurrence happening at 2:28 pm local time.

What big event happened in 1972?

Major Events of 1972

  • Summit meeting.
  • Arab terrorists murder 11 people at the Olympic games.
  • Britain takes direct control over Northern Ireland.
  • President Richard Nixon visits China.
  • SALT Agreement.
  • Congressman Ford is sworn in as Vice President.
  • Managua is leveled by an earthquake.

What happened in1972?

February 5 – Bob Douglas becomes the first African American elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame. February 21–28 – U.S. President Richard M. Nixon makes an unprecedented 8-day visit to the People’s Republic of China and meets with Mao Zedong. February 23 – Activist Angela Davis is released from jail.

What day of the week is August 11 1972?

August 11, 1972 is the 224 th day of the year 1972 in the Gregorian calendar. There are 142 days remaining until the end of this year. The day of the week is Friday. Under the Julian calendar, this day is July 29, 1972 – a Friday. Both day of the week are the same but did you notice the difference with the Gregorian calendar?

What is my Zodiac sign if I was born in 1972?

August 11, 1972 It was the 32nd Friday of 1972. If you were born on this date your birthday numbers 8, 11 and 1972 reveal that your life path number is 11. Your zodiac sign is Leo with a ruling planet Sun, your birthstone is the Peridot and Sardonyx, and your birth flower is the Gladiolus.

What happened in August 1972 in South Africa?

The following events occurred in August 1972 : Air Botswana, the national airline of the southern African nation, began passenger service with a single Fokker F-27, flying a route covering Gaborone, Manzini, Johannesburg, and Salisbury (now Harare ).

What are some August 11 birthday facts that no one knows?

View cool August 11, 1972 birthday facts that no one tells you about, such as your life path number, birthstone, ruling planet, zodiac sign and birth flower. People born on this day will turn 50 in exactly . You have been alive for . You were born in the Year of the Rat. Your birth sign is Leo with a ruling planet Sun.