What happen to Chynna Ortaleza?

What happen to Chynna Ortaleza?

Actress Chynna Ortaleza recently went through a gut problem which inspired her to take on a health journey. Ortaleza revealed she had health issues she’s learned to face head on, as per her Instgram post yesterday, June 13. “I am 86 [pounds] as of today.

When did Chynna Ortaleza get married?

December 2015 (Kean Cipriano)
Chynna Ortaleza/Wedding dates

Who is Kean Cipriano wife?

Chynna Ortalezam. 2015
Kean Cipriano/Wife

Where is Railey Valeroso now?

Railey Valeroso left showbiz a few years back and is now enjoying life as a private citizen. Check out more deets in this gallery.

Why is Chynna Ortaleza so skinny?

According to Chynna, she lost around 23 lbs. over the past six months as a result of adjusting her diet to address her digestive problem. She took the initiative to have tests done after she experienced some stomach problems. Her results came out normal but she did learn more about her food intolerance.

Why does Chynna Ortaleza have PTSD?

I have plenty of traumas that I am currently dissecting. Let’s all take it easy on each other. Most of the time what you see is never ever surface deep. According to Chynna, she’s been suffering mentally because of her dad’s passing in 2019.

How old is Kean Cipriano?

34 years (June 11, 1987)
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Is Kean Cipriano still married?

Kean Cipriano and Chynna Ortaleza are celebrating six years as husband and wife! To mark the special occasion, the Callalily frontman shared shots from their wedding day, with the both of them flexing their rings at front. Happy Anniversary my love,” he wrote in the caption, tagging Chynna.

What PTSD means?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a disorder that develops in some people who have experienced a shocking, scary, or dangerous event. It is natural to feel afraid during and after a traumatic situation.

Does Chynna Ortaleza have PTSD?

Toward the end of her post, Chynna revealed that her post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and grief after losing so many loved ones also affected her health. “I pray that God will continue to light my way as I reconstruct the physical body that he has gifted this soul.

Who are the members of Callalily?

Kean CiprianoLead Vocals
Tatsi JamnagueGuitarAlden AcostaAaron RicafrenteBass guitarLemuel BelaroDrum Kit

Who is the vocalist of Callalily?

Kean Cipriano

Callalily vocalist Kean Cipriano collaborated with Paraluman vocalist Madeline Ramboyong with their hit single “Tabi”, from Paraluman’s debut album In Lab!, launched in 2008.

Are Kean Cipriano and Chynna Ortaleza married?

MANILA, Philippines – Callalily vocalist and Your Face Sounds Familiar finalist Kean Cipriano married GMA 7 actress Chynna Ortaleza weeks before the New Year. Although they did not dislose the date, both Kean and Chynna posted on Instagram a photo of their wedding rings, accompanied by Bible verses and a New Year message.

Why did Chynna Ortaleza lose so much weight?

After months of being asked by her followers on social media about looking thin, Chynna Ortaleza has revealed the reason behind her drastic weight loss. In an Instagram post on Sunday, June 13, 2021, Chynna uploaded an “honest selfie” and opened up about the digestive condition that has caused a sudden drop in her weight.

What is Chynna Ortaleza’s real name?

Lara Serena Roque Ortaleza-Cipriano (born December 5, 1982), professionally known as Chynna Ortaleza, is a Filipino actress, television host, and model. She is currently a contract star of GMA Network . Ortaleza landed her first TV gig as a junior reporter on the children’s magazine show 5 and Up.

Where is Ortaleza Ortega now?

She is currently a contract star of GMA Network . Ortaleza landed her first TV gig as a junior reporter on the children’s magazine show 5 and Up. She left the show after three years to concentrate on her studies.