What does the lightning bolt mean on Dodge Ram?

What does the lightning bolt mean on Dodge Ram?

The lightning bolt on the dash means that there is a problem with the electronic throttle control system in your vehicle. Get a code reader and scan the engine for any logged codes. The light may be on for a glitch and the electronic throttle control system needs to be reset.

Do Dodge RAMs have a lot of problems?

While completing your initial research on problems found on Dodge Ram trucks, it may appear that they have many chronic issues. However, once you review the stats, most reported problems occur after the first 100,000 miles. Some owners report their truck is still running after 20 years and 300,000 miles.

What year RAM has transmission problems?

Transmission Problems Transmission problems are extremely common with 2012 RAMs and also dominate the list of the 2014 RAM 1500’s most common issues. Problems in the transmission range from causing slight annoyance to making the truck dangerous to drive.

Can you drive with electronic throttle control light on?

It is not safe to drive with an electronic throttle control light. While you might be lucky and only have a drop in fuel efficiency or a slight drop in acceleration, the problem can quickly get worse if the sensor readings continue to go awry.

Why does my 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 shake?

Common reasons for this to happen: Loose connections at the positive and negative battery terminals. Very dirty or clogged air filters can also cause your engine to underperform. If the vibrations disappear or reduce dramatically in “neutral,” it’s likely that you need new engine mounts.

What is Ram Truck death wobble?

The Dodge Death Wobble is a condition in which the front tires begin to move violently from side to side and often the entire truck will vibrate uncontrollably. The issue is more than a little “play” in the trucks steering. The Dodge Death Wobble can cause a driver to lose control, potentially causing an accident.

How much does electronic throttle control repair cost?

The average for Electronic Throttle Control is $581

Repair Type Zip Cost
Electronic Throttle Control 2702 $834
Electronic Throttle Control 96724 $716
Electronic Throttle Control 91642 $1050
Electronic Throttle Control 3939 $398

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