What does the first American do?

What does the first American do?

Products and services First American provides title insurance and closing/settlement services; title plant management services; title and other real property records and images; real estate appraisal services; home warranty products; home insurance; and banking, trust and investment advisory services.

What companies does First American own?

First American Management Company Washington
Proprety Data Services fka First American Property Data Services, Inc. California
First American Real Estate Information Services, Inc. California
First American Residential Real Estate Group, Inc. Delaware
First American Title Insurance Company California

Who is the CEO of First American Title?

Dennis J. Gilmore (Jun 2010–)
First American Financial/CEO

Who is the CEO of First American?

Parker S. Kennedy (1993–)
First American Corporation/CEO

Who started First American?

Original Company Founded in 1894 To serve the title abstract needs of Orange County two companies were launched, then in 1894 area businessman Charles Edward Parker combined them to form First American’s direct ancestor, Orange County Title Company.

Is First American a good company to work?

I have worked for 5 years in this organization. The work culture and ethics are good. You will get a good support. Very good career growth opportunities.

How many employees does First American Title have?

Company Growth (employees)

Employees (est.) (Dec 2020) 19,597 (+7%)
Job Openings 1,128
Website Visits (Oct 2021) 1.6 m
Revenue (FY, 2020) $7.1 B (+15%)
Share Price (Jan 2022) $73.6 (-1%)