What details do you learn about Roger and his life?

What details do you learn about Roger and his life?

Roger’s home life: He is out on the street late at night because he has no one at home to look after him; Roger’s home life is one of neglect. He has not eaten, his face is dirty, has uncombed, messy hair, and while he does demonstrate some knowledge of manners with Ms.

What do we learn about Mrs Jones’s life?

Jones’s home were a palace that reflected vast sums of wealth, her lesson of not needing to steal to get money would ring hollow. However, when Roger sees where she lives, it is clear that she shares some common experience with him. He knows that she knows a life of financial limitation.

What more does Roger want to say?

Roger says, “Thank you, Ma’am.” What more does Roger want to say when he leaves the apartment and why can’t he say more? He wants to say so much more to her (because she was willing to help him when he was at his worst), but he was so overwhelmed by her kindness that he was rendered speechless.

What effect will Mrs Jones’s actions have on Roger’s future?

The effect of Mrs. Jones’ action might be that Roger will think twice before stealing from someone. Mrs. Jones showed him kindness and fogiveness; she even showed him trust when she left her pocketbook out.

Why can’t Roger say more?

Expert Answers Roger is overcome with emotion at the end of “Thank you, M’am” by Langston Hughes, which leaves him unable to say more than a simple “thank you.” Roger is a young man who is the product of his Harlem environment. There is no evidence of family support in his young life.

What does Mrs Jones do after supper?

When Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones grabs Roger by the collar and drags him home after he attempts to steal her pocketbook, she demonstrates her generosity and hospitality by allowing him to wash his face while she prepares a nice meal for him.

What did Mrs Bates offer Roger to eat?

Mrs. Jones heats up some lima beans and ham that she had in her icebox and also gives Roger a nice cup of cocoa. After the two eat dinner, Mrs. Jones offers Roger a slice of her ten-cent cake.

What did Mrs Jones provide Roger as supper?

Jones provided Roger Lima beans, ham, cocoa and half of the ten-cent cake as supper.

Where did Mrs Jones cook supper?

Jones cook supper? Ans: Mrs. Jones cooked supper in the kitchenette behind the screen inside the room.

Why does Roger want to thank Mrs Jones at the end of the story?

Explanation: Jones at the end of Langston Hughes’s short story. In parting, Roger likely wants to tell Mrs. Luella Bates that he appreciates her grace and authenticity in “Thank You, M’am.” He likely also regrets singling out this strong and kind woman as his victim.

Why doesn’t Mrs Jones call the police?

Why didn’t Mrs. Jones call the police? She said she had experiences like Roger when she was young and she was trying to help him get his life back on track. He was probably in shock that she didn’t call the police.

Why couldn’t Roger say anything to Mrs Jones at the end of the story?

Why couldn’t Roger say anything to Mrs. Jones at the end of the story? He was just happy he got $10 and didn’t feel the need to say thank you. He was in shock of her and couldn’t believe someone had tried to help him after he tried to steal something.

What is Mrs Jones trying to tell Roger when she says everybody’s got something in common?

everybody’s got something in common.” ? She also stole things when she was younger. She wants to keep her life a secret from Roger.

What does Roger do when Mrs Jones leaves him alone with her purse?

After Mrs. Jones decides not to contact the authorities, she drags him back to her room in the boarding house. With her immediate actions, she shows Roger an inkling of trust. When they arrive back in the room, she places her purse on the day-bed in plain sight and instructs Roger to wash up.

What personal information does Mrs Jones share with Roger?

What personal information does Ms. Jones share with Roger? She says that she has done bad things too when she was his age, and she regrets it.

What did Roger fear most?

Roger is stated to be frightened of Mrs Jones in the belief that he will be punished for his attempted robbery.

How much money did Mrs Jones give to Roger?

Answer and Explanation: In “Thank You, Ma’am” by Langston Hughes when Mrs. Jones gives Roger $10 it is a big sacrifice because she herself lives a very modest…

What is the moral of the story thank you ma am?

One theme in Thank you, Ma’am is the power of compassion. After nearly having her purse stolen by Roger, Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones has every right to turn toward him in anger and even demand some form of justice. Another theme is that human strength can be found in unlikely places.

What message does the story thank you ma’am have for the reader?

Three themes present in “Thank You, Ma’am” are Forgiveness and Empathy, the Power of Love and Trust, and Christian Charity. While she prepares the meal, Mrs. Jones leaves her purse on the other side of the screen where she cooks. Roger worries that she may not trust him, so he moves where he hopes she can see him.

Why did Mrs Jones feel sorry for Roger?

It is clear that Mrs. Jones feels sorry for Roger because he is out at night, his face is dirty, and he says he has no one at home who cares about him. She seems to think that he is not a bad kid, but just needs someone to take an interest in him. She decides to take that interest.