What are the steps to writing a thesis statement

Guide on how to write a thesis statement

Every author has been in a situation where they are writing a difficult text and right at the beginning it is really difficult to write at least something. You might know that the beginning of any text is difficult. The reason is simple – you have to care about the thesis statement. Sure, that is not the most difficult part of the text writing, but in many cases, it is one of those difficult parts. Therefore, any author must take it seriously and do as much as they can to succeed. Moreover, if you fail the thesis there is almost no chance to get a nice text in the end. Therefore, most of the writers try to put their effort into having a perfect thesis. That allows them to write everything else in minutes, as they just have to explain what they meant in the first paragraphs and give some new facts that you can easily find on the Web. Yet, it is not only about writing. You will also need some knowledge and preparation to have everything right here. This article is going to help you with writing your perfect thesis statement.


This part is huge in any kind of writer. When you are writing a thesis, it becomes even more important. Therefore, try not to skip this part. Moreover, it would be great if you could spend as much effort on this as you possibly can. It will pay you off as soon as you start writing. So, in this part, you will need to gather everything that you will need for comfortable writing. Try to get some information online. That will help you understand the topic better. If you feel like you know what you are talking about it will help you to create a clear and short thought that would express your feelings about the situation you are writing about. Yet, make sure to check all of the facts before you actually use them, as some of them are fake nowadays. Remember that you will be able to use most of those facts later on when you will move on to the body of your text. Any facts and statistics will be useful at that time. The other thing you will need is a comfortable workplace, as it will surely boost your productivity rates.


For some reason, most of the young writers think that writing is the most difficult part of the thesis statement creation. Yet, there is not that much work to do. Moreover, this part is surely one of the easiest of all. To make everything perfect you will have to write a couple of paragraphs of your thoughts of the situation in the text and the situation in short too. You will need that right away when you move on to the writing. There you will have to make just one paragraph of 2-3 sentences from what you had before. That will be pretty much your thesis statement. Some of the more experienced writers tend to skip the step where you have to write down those couple of paragraphs and they simply create a nice thesis. If you feel like you can do that, there is no problem in trying. Yet, if you feel like it is difficult anyway, you might want to seek some help writing a thesis online.


This part is called to be even more difficult than the preparation part for some reason. Yet, in general, it is even easier than thinking about the text at all. Sure, a couple of decades before it was difficult to find some of the mistakes in the text. Yet, nowadays, with the rise of technology, you can easily find most of them without any kind of time spending. In the past years, there were tons of websites that started offering the checking services. Moreover, almost all of them have an option to check it for free! Sure, that will not have all types of checking, but it will surely find all of the typos and grammar mistakes for you. Yet, make sure to check everything that you get, as it is still the computer, which might miss some of the mistakes.