What are some important responsibilities of the medical assistant when assisting in a minor office procedure?

What are some important responsibilities of the medical assistant when assisting in a minor office procedure?

Additional responsibilities of the medical assistant include preparing the treatment room, preparing the patient, preparing the minor surgery tray, assisting the physician during the procedure, administering postoperative care to the patient, and cleaning the treatment room after the procedure.

What is the most widely used method of sterilization in the ambulatory care setting?

Liquid chemical sterilants, along with plasma sterilization, is the low-temperature option most commonly used in ambulatory surgical facilities.

What are the steps that must be taken to prepare a patient for surgery in the ambulatory care setting?

Preparing for Your Surgery

  • Medical instructions: Talk with your doctor about your medications well before your surgery.
  • Medication and allergy list: Prepare an up-to-date list of your current medications and any allergies and bring it with you on the day of surgery.

What sort of tasks might you perform considering minor surgery in a medical office?

As a nurse or medical assistant in a doctor’s office, you may be asked to assist the physician with minor surgery such as irrigating and cleaning a wound, suturing a laceration, or removing a foreign entity or a small growth.

What are the roles that a medical assistant fill when assisting with a surgical procedure?

Where You’ll Work

  • Take patient medical histories.
  • Update patient medical records.
  • Talk to patients about procedures or tests.
  • Prepare patients for exams.
  • Help the physician with tasks.
  • Take lab specimens.
  • Perform lab tests.

What should you do when assisting a physician during a surgical procedure?

During the surgery, you’ll assist the physician by handing them the surgical tools they need, such as scalpels and scissors. You might also be asked to: Set up a sterile field by gathering sterile packages and tools. Clean the surgical site with iodine or chloroprene solutions.

What are the three 3 reprocessing procedures for equipment?

Reprocessing is a multistep process that includes cleaning, inspection and assembly, functional testing (if applicable), disinfection (if applicable), packaging and labelling, sterilization (if applicable) and storage.

What must be done to any equipment or supplies?

What must be done to any equipment or supplies before they are sterilized in the autoclave? They must be prepared properly by washing then rinsing thoroughly. List four types of wraps that can be used in the autoclave: Muslin, autoclave paper, special plastic or paper bags, and autoclave containers.

How can I help someone before surgery?

They might like to hear these positive words before surgery:

  1. “How can I help?” This shows them that you care and want to be there for them.
  2. “What are you feeling right now?”
  3. “It’ll be okay.”
  4. “I’ll be waiting for you after surgery!”
  5. “Can I give you a hug?”
  6. “I Love You”

How do you assist for surgery?

During the operation, make sure you pay attention, listen, and keep your hands outside the view of the surgeon*. If you are not active within the operation, simply place your hands carefully on the patient, to reduce the risk of any contamination.

What are the most important duties of a medical assistant is to?

One of your most important tasks as a medical assistant is keeping patient medical records current. You’ll enter a patient’s weight and blood pressure and their pre-exam interview responses into a computer database.