What are Network Rail standards?

What are Network Rail standards?

Network Rail standards and controls are a set of documents we produce to define the way we work. They set out the information we share, the principles we have and the business requirements we work to. Together, they give us a consistent, safe and coherent set of working practices across the whole company.

Why is safety important to Network Rail?

Unsafe working also impacts performance, both personally and for the whole of Network Rail. Outstanding safety performance means getting it right first time, fewer stoppages and delays, better operational performance, and better productivity. It benefits you, your work colleagues and Network Rail.

How do I access Network Rail standards?

Welcome to the Network Rail Standards Portal

  1. Create an online account by clicking My Account and selecting Create New Account.
  2. Search for the standard(s) that you wish to obtain and click Add to Cart.
  3. When you have finished shopping, click on Cart then click on View Shopping Cart.

How is Network Rail regulated?

We are regulated by the ORR under its Network Licence. There are six parts to the licence, covering different areas of operation: network management and timetabling. restrictions on activities.

What is a BAPA Network Rail?

This contract may take the form of a Basic Asset Protection Agreement (BAPA) or, for larger schemes that will have a greater operational impact on the railway and that may involve temporary “possessions” of railway infrastructure, a more detailed Asset Protection Agreement (APA) will be required.

What are Network Rail life saving rules?

We will always comply with our Lifesaving Rules Always use equipment that is fit for its intended purpose. Never work or drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Never assume equipment is isolated – always test before touch. Never enter the agreed exclusion zone, unless directed to by the person in charge.

What is Network Rail safety statement?

Everyone Home Safe Every Day is Network Rail’s safety promise; simple and all-encompassing. Our approach is not simply reactive. We measure our performance to target improvement, but we attribute at least as much focus on the precursors to accidents.

What type of Organisation is Network Rail?

public sector company
We’re a public sector company that operates as a regulated monopoly. Our income is a mix of direct grants from the UK and Scottish Governments, charges levied on train operators that use our network, and income, mainly from our commercial property estate.

Who regulates Rail companies in UK?

The Office of Rail Regulation
The Office of Rail Regulation (ORR) is the independent safety and economic regulator for Britain’s railways. It is responsible for ensuring that railway operators comply with health and safety law.

What is Network Rail grip?

Governance for Railway Investment Projects (GRIP) is a key Network Rail process for effective control over railway projects. Each stage is designed to deliver a pre-determined set of outputs that demonstrate the readiness of the project to progress, or otherwise, to the next stage.

What is GRIP 4 Network Rail?

GRIP Stage 4: Single Option Development Development of the chosen single option selected in stage 3 commences to create the outline design. Outline designs are produced, and any technical or legal issues that could cancel an option or a project are usually identified by this point.

Are Network Rail’s standards too complex?

The aim of Network Rail’s standards is to achieve a safe, high performing and cost efficient railway system. We know, however, that they are often seen as overly complex and adding unnecessary cost.

What is the Network Rail standards challenge application form?

The standards challenge application form can be used to submit a challenge to a Network Rail standard, policy, rule, specification, business process or work instruction that is considered to: (i) be incorrect; (ii) not enable the application of modern/best practice; or (iii) drive increased cost without comparable benefit.

Is the rail industry in a complex time?

While the challenges of capacity and passenger satisfaction are not to be underestimated, the opportunities that a growing industry provides are to be embraced, for this is an unprecedented, and yes complex, time. As the industry grows and passenger numbers boom, on the face of it rail is in pretty robust health.

How do I Contact Network Rail standards & controls publications manager?

Network Rail Standards & Controls Publications Manager Neil Whitaker Phone: 01908 782564 Network Rail Standards Hard Copy Document Centre IHS Retail Phone: 01344 328039 Fax: 01344 328005 or email: [email protected] Railway Group Standards Rail Safety & Standards Board Enquiry Desk Phone: 020 3142 5400 Website www.rssb.co.uk