What are good EPQ topics?

What are good EPQ topics?

EPQ ideas for Art Has photography always been a form of art? To what extent is mathematics art? Why do people consider art to be an easy subject? Can art reverse the effects of mental illness?

How do I do a good EPQ?

How to Write a Good A-level EPQ

  1. Plan and organise your time. The project is almost completely independent work with the occasional check in from a teacher to make sure that you’re on track.
  2. Choose your area of interest.
  3. Think well before selecting a topic.
  4. Keep a log of everything you do.
  5. Take your time when writing.

Does your EPQ have to be a question?

Depending on whether you are creating an artifact or an essay, you must make sure your question has an answer which can meet the word count comfortably. There also needs to be scope for wide research which is why many EPQ questions begin with ‘to what extent’.

How do I succeed in EPQ?

What will you achieve?

  1. Select, develop and refine an appropriate topic area for your project.
  2. Find and evaluate appropriate resources and use these to inform and support your project.
  3. Manage your time in order to complete the project effectively.
  4. Plan and structure a piece of academic writing.

How long does an EPQ take?

Students are expected to spend around 120 hours on their EPQ – although some take more time, others less. Students can expect support and guidance from a supervisor (normally a teacher) and most do their research in the summer holidays following year 12 and complete the project in the first term of year 13.

Does an EPQ need an abstract?

An abstract must be included for the IB Extended Essay but not for the A-level Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). An abstract is seperate from the actual essay and provides a preview of the whole essay.

What is EPQ a level?

What is an EPQ? The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a Level 3 course which is taken alongside A Levels. You’ll be required to complete a project on a topic of your choice.