The countries where people live the longest

The countries where people live the longestAccording to the World Economic Forum, people who live in developed countries have a higher life expectancy. This is due to better healthcare, more access to healthy foods and clean water. Of course, if you are picking the place to live the rest of your life, you should consider other factors, like those in the test:

However, it might be surprising to find that people with higher levels of education can also expect to live longer. Here’s where people are getting the oldest.

    1. SwedenPeople who live here have a 2 year longer life expectancy, up to 82 years, when compared to others. In addition to easy access to education at all levels, Sweden has a clean water supply.
    2. IcelandIn Iceland, most schools are funded by government, giving everyone access to it. This helps contribute to the life expectancy of 82.1 years here. Iceland has also been ranked as having the “world’s healthiest diet.”
    3. South KoreaLife expectancy here is 82.2 years and can largely be attributed to an economy that helps most people live a middle class lifestyle. South Korea boasts private and public schools, both of which get money from the government.
    4. LuxembourgThis tiny European country has an average life expectancy of 82.2 years. The reason may be because so many of the residents live a middle to upper class lifestyle that provides them with the money needed to gain health care, eat healthy and achieve high levels of education.
    5. IsraelDespite having a mandatory military service, Israel boasts a life expectancy of 82.2 years. In addition, Israel has a three-tiered comprehensive education system and 10 percent of the GDP is used for the schools here.
    6. AustraliaThe life expectancy of 82.3 years in Australia can be attributed to the number of residents who place a priority on healthy living. The Australian school system makes it easy to move from grade level to grade level.
    7. FranceFrance has one of the lowest rates of obesity in the world, which helps the residents experience an average life expectancy of 82.4 years. The French education system has often been called the best in the world, with most children starting at the age of 3.
    8. SingaporeThanks to a top notch preventative healthcare system, residents of Singapore have a life expectancy of 82.6 years. The Ministry of Education runs the schools here, which means they offer governmental money to them as well as controlling top quality requirements for students.
    9. ItalyThe 82.7 year life expectancy in Italy can be attributed to the low levels of poverty in the country, which means better access to healthy foods. In Italy, most of the schools are public, which means they receive governmental money.
    10. SwitzerlandThe life expectancy here is 82.8 years due to easy access to healthy foods and a good healthcare system. The cantons control the schools in Switzerland, which offers a diverse range of options when choosing a school.
    11. SpainIn Spain the life expectancy is 83.1 years, which is largely due to the large amounts of fresh fish and vegetables that residents eat. The government supports the schools in Spain and students are required to attend for a certain number of years.
    12. JapanThe healthy way that people eat in Japan is the biggest reason why people can expect to live an average of 83.6 years. Japan also boasts one of the best and most advanced school systems in the world.
    13. Hong KongThe life expectancy here is 84 years because people stay active and eat healthy. Education is overseen by the Education Bureau and the Social Welfare Department.

As you can see, access to a good education helps people learn how to live healthy lives and helps them get jobs that support access to health insurance, a good diet and opportunities to stay active.