Is YT Tues a good bike?

Is YT Tues a good bike?

The Tues is an agile handling downhill bike, but it truly shines on high-speed and rowdy terrain. The balanced front and rear suspension and low leverage ratio help the bike maintain traction on steep and loose trails, while the rear end ramps up nicely to absorb those harsh, full-travel-worthy impacts.

How much does a YT Tues weight?

YT Tues Comp Frame Protection kits available. Up to 95% coverage….2020 YT Industries TUES Comp.

MSRP $3,499
Weight 36.2 lbs
Suspension Full
Travel 203mm rear, 203mm front
Frame Aluminum

How much travel does the YT Capra base have?

The sculpted frame has burly lines but doesn’t look overweight or chunky. Instead it looks poised and ready for a fight. With 170/160 mm travel and 29” wheels it’s a massive bike.

Does the YT Capra have a flip chip?

YT Capra 29 CF PRO Race Gr. There is a flip chip to adjust the geometry, but we always rode the bike in the low setting. The design of the frame doesn’t accommodate any water bottles, so you’ll always have to bring along a backpack or hip bag.

What size is YT Tues?

Big-wheeled race machine The reach for the size regular is 460 millimeters and combined with 440-millimeter chainstays and a 63.5-degree headtube angle it gives the Tues 29 a whopping 1266-millimeter wheelbase—on the extra-long size that grows to 1318 millimeters.

How heavy is the YT Capra base?

2021 YT Industries Capra Base AL

MSRP $2,699
Weight 34.2 lbs
Suspension Full
Travel 180mm rear, 180mm front
Frame Aluminum

How much does the YT Capra base weigh?

2020 YT Industries CAPRA Base 29

MSRP $2,299
Weight 32.6 lbs
Suspension Full
Travel 170mm rear, 170mm front
Frame Aluminum

Can you mullet a YT Capra?

All good things come in threes! For 2021, the YT Industries Capra MK3 has been redesigned from the ground and is now available in two wheel size configurations, with either 29″ wheels or a mullet setup.

Do YT bikes run small?

That’s important because it makes it harder for shorter riders who want a little extra reach to go from a small to medium frame, or medium to large. YT sizing info states that riders 5-foot-4 to 5-foot-10 can fit a medium Jeffsy, and riders between 5-foot-8 and 6-foot-2 can fit a large.

What is yt decoy size?

YT DECOY: geometry and sizes The YT DECOY is available in five frame sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL. In terms of geometry, the YT DECOY is based on the YT CAPRA 29. Overall, however, the DECOY is a bit more upright and more compact than the CAPRA 29, meaning the reach in size L is 10 mm shorter (455mm) than the CAPRA.

Can you get YT bikes in Australia?

May 8, 2020 – Forchheim, Germany: YT Industries is happy to announce a new business partnership in Australia. Pushys and Day Zero Limited are YT’s choice partners for the mountain bike market in Oceania. Both partnerships give mountain bikers access to the whole YT product portfolio both online and offline.

What size YT Capra should I buy?


Measure Point Medium X-Large
Height (cm) 164 – 175cm 183 – 193cm
Height (ft/in) 5′ 3″ – 5′ 7″ 6′ – 6′ 3″

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