Is there an Apollo 18 movie?

Is there an Apollo 18 movie?

Apollo 18 is a 2011 science fiction horror film written by Brian Miller, directed by Gonzalo López-Gallego, and co-produced by Timur Bekmambetov and Michele Wolkoff. After various release date changes, the film was released in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada on September 2, 2011.

Does Netflix have Apollo 18?

Watch Apollo 18 | Netflix.

What is the story of Apollo 18?

Apollo 17 was the last U.S.-sponsored lunar voyage — or was it? Hours of found footage, classified for decades, point to a subsequent moon mission — Apollo 18 — that ended very badly. Astronauts John Grey (Ryan Robbins), Nathan Walker (Lloyd Owen) and Benjamin Anderson (Warren Christie), on a mission to install radar scanners, discover a Soviet space capsule nearby. The men also discover a dead cosmonaut, and unfortunately for them, learn how he died.Apollo 18 / Film synopsis

Who were the Apollo 17 astronauts?

Apollo 17

Spacecraft properties
Crew size 3
Members Eugene A. Cernan Ronald E. Evans Harrison H. Schmitt
Callsign CSM: America LM: Challenger
EVAs 1 in cislunar space 3 on the lunar surface

Can you get a cold in space?

Rare but possible, astronauts do get sick, and they fall ill in space, as well. Indeed, as they float off-earth, these spacemen have suffered from upper respiratory infections or URI, or colds, skin infections and urinary tract infections or UTI.

Should you watch the 2011 film about Apollo 18?

If you have never seen the 2011 film about Apollo 18, [1] you might want to consider looking into watching it. Not only is it a great movie – the overall quality of the film is very high from the acting to the way that the plot unfolds – but it presents some extremely interesting theories and ideas about some of the Apollo 18 conspiracies.

Did NASA cover up the Apollo 18 mission?

Friedman hasn’t been allowed to view the film yet, according to the Los Angeles Times, but said he’s open to the possibility that the Apollo 18 mission did occur and that NASA’s been covering it up. “One of the things the secret keepers take advantage of is ego,” Friedman told the L.A. Times.

What happened to the Apollo 18?

‘Apollo 18’ Offers Conspiracy Theory, to NASA’s Surprise. The premise does begin in fact. NASA originally planned an Apollo 18 mission to the moon (along with Apollo 19 and 20), but those flights were canceled in 1970 due to budgetary constraints. The last NASA mission to the moon was Apollo 17, in December 1972.

Did the Apollo 18 crew know about the Soviet lunar L3?

Work on the Soviet Lunar L3 program was cancelled late in 1974. The LK (‘Lunniy korabl’ – lunar craft) was not revealed to the west until much later. Thus, the Apollo 18 crew would have had no knowledge of this vehicle (i.e. referring to it as the “LK”).