Is the Renault Espace a good car?

Is the Renault Espace a good car?

It’s one of the most powerful 2.0-litre units you can buy, and one of the most refined. With 360Nm of torque, there’s also plenty of pulling power. Few rivals can match the Renault for acceleration and flexibility, while the brakes are strong and gearbox pleasant. Overall, the Espace is an effortless cruiser.

When did Renault stop making the Espace?

Renault Espace
Manufacturer Renault
Production 1984–present
Body and chassis
Class Large MPV (M) (1984–2014) Large luxury crossover MPV (M) (2015–present)

Do they still make the Renault Espace?

Renault has built five generations of the Espace since 1984. The current model is pictured. Renault last overhauled of its range in 2009 but it still has between 45 and 50 models in its catalog under its own brand as well as in its Dacia, Renault Samsung, Lada and Alpine ranges.

Whats the difference between the Espace and Grand Espace?

The Grand Espace is huge, and offers a maximum capacity of 3,050 litres in the back, which is 190 litres more than the standard Espace. The seats all fold, rotate and slide, but if you want a completely flat load area, they must be removed – which means you need somewhere to store them.

What are the specifications of a Renault Grand Espace?

Тo check out further technical specifications (like engine power, dimensions, weight, fuel consumption, etc.), please select one of the versions. How long is Renault Grand Espace? Renault Grand Escape is the long wheelbase version of the model, measuring between 4787 mm (188.46 in.) and 4861 mm (191.38 in.) in length, depending on the modification.

When did the Renault Espace Phase IV come out?

On 22 June 2012, Renault announced a restyling of the Espace (Phase IV), the second important after 2006, incorporating the “family feeling” design concept of Laurens van den Acker. Also, it introduced new 2.0 dCi (M9R) engines, in order to meet the French regulations regarding the limitations on CO2 emissions.

Who makes the Renault Espace?

The first three generations of the Espace were amongst the first contemporary minivans or MPVs, and were manufactured by Matra for Renault. The fourth generation, also an MPV, was manufactured by Renault.

When did the Toyota Espace Grand Espace come out?

The third generation Espace arrived in December 1996, with the long wheelbase Grand Espace coming to market in the beginning of 1998. The most notable feature of the Espace III was the radically futuristic interior (including an elongated and centrally mounted dashboard, digital speedometer and radio/CD display).