Is it hard to get a 5 on AP Calc BC?

Is it hard to get a 5 on AP Calc BC?

Remember, a 5 is the highest possible AP score (read more about AP scores here)….A Possibly More Reliable Indicator: 5 Rate.Exam Name5 RateJapanese Language and Culture (Total Group)53.7%Calculus BC44.6%Physics C: Mechanics41.6%41 •

Is AP Calc easy?

AP Calculus will probably be more difficult than the other math classes you’ve taken. At the same time, it’s totally doable! Concepts build on each other pretty quickly, so make sure to keep up with the work and ask questions if you’re confused.

Is AP US government hard?

When it comes down to the numbers, the AP® United States Government and Politics exam proves to be one of the most difficult exams offered by the College Board. It has one of the lowest percentages of test-takers that received either a 5 or a 4 on the exam and also has one of the lowest mean scores across the board.

Is AP US government easy?

But compared to other AP courses, AP Government is a relatively easy course in which you can score well if you are well prepared. The AP U.S. Government and Politics exam has two parts – multiple choice and free response. If you’ve taken AP US History, you’re used to long free response questions and DBQs.

Should I take AP Lang?

Definitely take AP Lang. Because you’ll likely take reading and writing tests on a weekly basis (if not, as in my class, several times a week), you’ll have considerably greater opportunities to improve your writing in an AP Lang class than you would in an honors or “on-level” high school English course.

How hard is AP computer science principles?

In 2019, just over 96,000 students took the AP Computer Science Principles exam. Scores from the 2019 exam reveal a high passing rate (score of 3 or higher), but a difficult rate of mastery.

What percent is a 5 on AP computer science principles?

AP Score DistributionsExam53AP Calculus BC44.6%19.4%AP Computer Science A25.6%23.2%AP Computer Science Principles10.9%37.1%AP Statistics16.2%23.1%1 more row

Should I take AP Computer Science A or principles?

It is a great choice for students who plan to pursue a college major in computer science. AP Computer Science Principles is ideal for students who are less interested in Java or who would like a big picture view of computing.

Is AP Computer Science worth taking?

Yes, absolutely! Given a choice between AP CS A and AP CS Principles, I’d recommend AP CS A, but if you can only take Principles or Principles seems more interesting, go for that. If you don’t take the exam or you do, but don’t score high enough, you’ve lost nothing.

Can you take AP Computer Science A with no experience?

AP Computer Science A is geared towards students who want to gain deeper experience in Java programming; however, students with no prior experience can also do well in the course.

Do colleges accept AP computer science principles?

Credit and Placement Policies Over 950 colleges and universities offer credit, advanced placement, or both for qualifying scores on the AP Computer Science Principles Exam.

Can you take AP Computer Science Principles with no experience?

AP CS Principles course will give students without programming experience a starting point into the world of computer science. The initiative to engage more students, specifically underrepresented populations, in the field of computer science was much-needed and was quite successful in its inaugural year.

Is AP computer science principles a math class?

Computer science is not math but it is more closely related to math than other science topics. The College Board organizes its courses by discipline and has one subject area called “Math and Computer Science” and a different category called “Sciences.”

What is AP Computer Science A equivalent to?

AP Computer Science Principles is designed to be equivalent to a first-semester introductory college computing course.