How often can I use GreenClean algaecide?

How often can I use GreenClean algaecide?

Treat as needed once per week with GreenClean at the Low Curative Rate.

Is Green Clean granular algaecide safe for fish?

GreenClean will not harm fish or aquatic life. GreenClean once diluted in water is non-harmful to animals such as birds, bees, and pets.

Is GreenClean safe for Koi?

GreenClean® is fast acting and completely safe. GreenClean® aquatic algaecide is a natural algae killing product that will work in ponds and lakes with Trout, Koi, and catfish. Its organic chemistry immediately begins fighting algae blooms, releasing vital oxygen into the water body as it biodegrades.

How often can I use green to clean?

Use 2 lbs of Green to Clean per 15,000 gallons of water and spread half of it around the perimeter of the pool, then concentrate the remaining amount on the problem areas. Wait 5 minutes, then add 2 lbs of chlorine shock (Cal-Hypo) around the perimeter of the pool every 12 hours for 36 hours totaling 3 doses.

What causes string algae in my pond?

What Causes String Algae to Form in your Pond? Heavy Nutrients in the Water – This can happen from many sources – most often fish waste/too much fish food, plants and debris breaking down in the pond or runoff from surrounding areas that contain fertilizers/nutrients (common after heavy rainfall)

How much GreenClean do I use?

1-5 teaspoons of GreenClean Granular per 1,000 gallons of water. For example: backyard water gardens, ornamental ponds, ornamental waterfalls (3 tsp. = 1 Tbs., 16 Tbs.

How do you use green clean granular?

GreenClean Granular

  1. Step 1: Turn off circulation.
  2. Step 2: Apply 1 cup per 1,000 gallons to affected areas — including waterfalls and streams.
  3. Step 3: Turn circulation back on after 10-20 minutes.
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What is the best algae killer for koi ponds?

Best Pond Algaecide & Pond Algae Killer in 2022 (Safe for Fish)

  • GreenClean Algaecide.
  • Cutrine Plus Algaecide.
  • API Pond ALGAEFIX Algae Control.
  • Microbe-Lift Algaway 5.4 Algaecide.

Can you put algaecide in a koi pond?

Koi Fish are very sensitive to copper based algaecides and some other algae control products too. Green Clean Granular and Green Clean FX Liquid use a unique activated peroxide formula designed for use in ponds that contain Koi, other ornamental fish and decorative aquatic plants.

How do you use GreenClean granular?

How do you use the GreenClean Pro?

APPLICATION METHODS SPREADING / BROADCASTING: Broadcast GreenClean Pro Granular Algaecide/Fungicide with a mechanical spreader or by hand, directly on the water surface, from shore or from a properly equipped boat. SPOT TREATMENT: Apply GreenClean Pro Granular Algaecide/Fungicide directly over the infested area.

How to get rid of green algae in pond?

Red pond algae

  • Golden algae
  • Green pond algae (cyanobacteria)
  • Filamentors
  • Blue-green algae
  • Byrozoans
  • Nitella/stoneworts
  • Chara/muskgrass
  • Diatoms
  • How do you get rid of green water in pond?

    – 50′ Plastic pipe with joints and hose clips. – A ball valve. – Plastic containers (around 5 to 10 gallons each). – Filter media (scrubber pads from the dollar store). – A source (an existing colony) of “good” bacteria.

    How to clear green water in your pond quickly?

    – All we’re doing is running all of your pond water through synthetic quilt batting. – Any loose algae and other floating gunk in the water will be trapped in the batting. – When the batting is saturated with gunk, you replace it with a fresh piece and keep going. Some people wash out the batting and reuse it. – Do not give up.

    How can I clear the Algea out of my pond?

    Vacuum out debris with a pond vacuum. Pond vacuums may be found online or at home improvement stores.

  • Prepare holding tanks for pond creatures. If you need to drain the water to reach sediment collecting on the bottom,you’ll have to remove the fish and plants to
  • Begin pumping water into a large container.
  • Remove plants as the water level drops.