How much does a 295 70R18 weigh?

How much does a 295 70R18 weigh?

Ridge Grappler 295/70R18 Tire Specs

Size Diameter Weight
LT295/70R18 129/126Q E BSW 34.29″ 69.4 lbs

How much do Nitto Terra Grapplers weigh?

The 275/55R20 Nitto Terra Grappler G2 has a diameter of 31.89″, a width of 11.18″, mounts on a 20″ rim and has 652 revolutions per mile. It weighs 43.3 lbs, has a max load of 2833 lbs, a maximum air pressure of 50 psi, a tread depth of 13/32″ and should be used on a rim width of 7.5-9.5″.

How tall is a 295 70R18 tire?

Trail Grappler M/T 295/70R18 Tire Specs

Size Diameter Rim Range
LT295/70R18 129/126Q E BSW 34.57″ 7.5-10″

What is the difference between 295 and 355 tires?

The 295/60R20 is only 11.62 wide and 33.94 tall. The 295 will also hold more weight. The 35 has a maximum load of 3195 and the 295 has a maximum load of 3750.

Who makes a 285 70R18?

Nitto EXO
Compare with similar items

This item Nitto EXO GRAPPLER All- Terrain Radial Tire-285/70-18 127Q Falken Wildpeak A/T3W all_ Terrain Radial Tire-LT295/70R18 129R
Rim Size 18.00 inches 18.00 inches
Section Width 285 millimeters 295 millimeters
Size 285/70-18 LT295/70R18/
Speed Rating Q R

What ply is Nitto Terra Grappler?

10 ply
Beneath the tread surface, many Terra Grappler G2 sizes are constructed to an ā€œEā€ (10 ply) load rating. That means maximum sidewall strength and superior puncture resistance as well.

What load range are Nitto Terra Grapplers?

Additional information

Tire Brand Nitto
Tire Width 45mm
Wheel Size 24″
Load Range F
Ply Rating 12

Are 295 the same as 35s?

The 295-70R18 is the metric equivalant to a 35 12.50R18, the metric sizes usually run smaller in diameter as well as smaller in width. If you can live with the slight difference in height and width and the sidewall reading 295-70R18 instead of 35 12.50R18 then go for it.

What size tire is a 295 equivalent to?

P-Metric Tire Sizes ā€“ P-Metric to Inches Conversion Chart

Rim Size P-Metric Size Actual Tire Height
20 Inch 295/55R20 32.8 inches
295/60R20 33.9 inches
305/55R20 33.2 inches
325/60R20 35.3 inches