How many mAH is iPhone 6 Plus battery?

How many mAH is iPhone 6 Plus battery?

The Apple iPhone 6s Plus runs iOS 9 and is powered by a 2750mAh non-removable battery.

How can I test my iPhone 6 Plus battery?

It’s easy to tell if it needs replacing:

  1. Go to Settings > Battery.
  2. Tap on Battery Health.
  3. You will see what the ‘maximum capacity’ of you battery is – this is a measure of your battery capacity relative to when the battery was new.
  4. Below that is an indication of the battery’s ‘Peak Performance Capacity’.

How strong is iPhone 6s Plus battery life?

The iPhone 6s Plus is equipped with a rechargeable, non-removable lithium-ion 2915 mAh battery with up to 24 hours of talk time on 3G. It also offers up to 12 hours of Wi-Fi use on 3G, LTE and Wi-Fi, up to 14 hours of HD video playback and up to 80 hours of audio playback.

Why is my iPhone 6s Plus battery dying so fast?

A lot of things can cause your battery to drain quickly. If you have your screen brightness turned up, for example, or if you’re out of range of Wi-Fi or cellular, your battery might drain quicker than normal. It might even die fast if your battery health has deteriorated over time.

At what battery health should iPhone battery be replaced?

At What Battery Health Percentage Should I Replace My iPhone Battery? Your iPhone should retain up to 80 percent of its original battery capacity after 500 complete charge cycles. Once the battery health percentage drops below 80 percent, the amount of charge your battery can hold starts to diminish.

How can I make my iPhone 6 Plus battery last longer?

12 Tips to Extend Battery on iPhone 6/6 Plus

  1. Turn Down Brightness.
  2. Say Goodbye to Parallax.
  3. Limit Background App Refreshing.
  4. Download Apps While Plugged In.
  5. Turn Off Share Your Location.
  6. Turn AirDrop Off.
  7. Turn Bluetooth Off.
  8. Review App Battery Usage.