How do you get the Unica 6?

How do you get the Unica 6?

How to unlock the Unica 6 in Battlefield 4. Big Splash Assignment. You need to be a rank 10 or higher, and have the Dragon’s Teeth DLC in order to get this weapon. You need to activate the floodgates on Sunken Dragon, and get 5 kills while swimming.

What guns can you unlock in bf4 campaign?

Almost all Weapons in Battlefield 4’s Multiplayer are unlocked after using the same weapons class….Light Machine Guns.

Weapon Unlock Method
QBB-95-1 28,000 LMG Score
M240B 37,000 LMG Score
MG4 48,000 LMG Score
M249 Final Duty (Campaign) Assignment

What’s the best assault rifle to use in Battlefield 4?

ACE 23. This is undoubtedly the most popular rifle by far. Its low recoil, spray and ease of handling, while also being quite accurate even in long distances (930m maximum distance) has made it a controversial weapon.

How do you join the team in Battlefield 4?

The “I” in Team

  1. Obtain 2 Sniper Rifle Ribbons.
  2. Obtain 10 Radio Beacon spawns.
  3. Get 20 Spot Assists.

What is the first DLC in Watch Dogs?

Watch Dogs released it first DLC, a Digital Trip called “Conspiracy!” on 27 May, 2014. The description of the DLC reads: “People aren’t always what they seem. In this case, they’re cyborgs from space. Don’t believe me? Try plugging in the Conspiracy! Digital Trip and we’ll talk after. You’ve got a specific lens to see their real faces.

How many weapons are there in Watch Dogs?

Weapons in Watch Dogs. Weapons are items, objects, and equipment designed to inflict damage on living beings or structures as an effect of combat. Description. Over thirty traditional weapons appear in Watch Dogs. These weapons are placed into four different weapon slots (Sidearm, Close-quarter, Primary and Special).

Can you play as someone other than Aiden in Watch Dogs?

This is the first time that the player will be able to play as any other character other than Aiden in Watch Dogs. All season pass holders will receive future DLC one week earlier than normal players. This is the only way to get all the five bonus gear for Aiden in the U.S.

What is Watch Dogs?

Watch Dogs blends cutting-edge technologies and sophisticated game design into a realistic and living open world where players must use any means at their disposal to take down a corrupt system. Conspiracy! Conspiracy!