How do I select a ComboBox item in C#?

How do I select a ComboBox item in C#?

The following code snippet finds a string in a ComboBox and selects it if found.

  1. private void FindButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
  2. {
  3. int index = comboBox1.FindString(textBox1.Text);
  4. if (index < 0)
  5. {
  6. MessageBox.Show(“Item not found.” );
  7. textBox1.Text = String.Empty;
  8. }

Is the default event of ComboBox control?

By default, DropDownStyle property of a Combobox is DropDown. In this case user can enter values to combobox. When you change the DropDownStyle property to DropDownList, the Combobox will become read only and user can not enter values to combobox.

How can I get data from ComboBox?

Retrieve data into datagridview, display using combobox column, edit and save. To retrieve data and update from in a single loop?……or Join us.

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Which method is used to add items in a ComboBox c1?

AddRange method
An entire array can be added to the ComboBox by using the AddRange method to add the object or string of items to the C1ComboBox.

How can I tell if a ComboBox is selected C#?

“c# check if combobox has selected item” Code Answer’s

  1. //detect if no selected item on ComboBox is chosen?
  2. if( ComboBox. SelectedItem == null ) {
  3. // do something.
  4. }

How does ComboBox connect to database values?

Bind Combo Box With Data Base In C# Windows Desktop Application

  1. Hello friends.
  2. Select Windows desktop app from menu:
  3. Enter your project name and path of your location where you want to save your project.
  4. Create design as you want.
  5. Now add database file.
  6. Select service based database.
  7. Now create a new table.

How do you populate a ComboBox in C#?

Following steps are used to add the elements in the ComboBox:

  1. Step 1: Create a combobox using the ComboBox() constructor is provided by the ComboBox class.
  2. Step 2: After creating ComboBox, add the elements in the ComboBox.
  3. Step 3: And last add this combobox control to form using Add() method.