How do I call Ticketek Australia?

How do I call Ticketek Australia?

For all Queensland and New South Wales matches please call 1300 364 001.

How many seats are in the Adelaide Entertainment Centre?

With a capacity of up to 3,000 people, the Theatre is fully self-contained with its own loading bay, production offices, dressing rooms and catering facilities; enabling the Adelaide Entertainment Centre to offer extraordinary facilities at reduced hire rates.

How do I ring Ticketek?

Calling Ticketek Patrons can contact Ticketek by calling 132 849. This is an automated system. The Ticketek Call Centre is open from 9am – 9pm, Monday to Friday with reduced hours on weekends and policy holidays.

How do I complain to ticketek?

If you wish to make a formal complaint, I was told by the Office Of Fair Trading, that you need to make a complaint in writing to Ticketek first, tell them they have 10 days to respond. With or without a response, you can then forward your complaint to the Office Of Fair Trading located in your state.

When did Adelaide Entertainment Centre open?

July 20, 1991
Adelaide Entertainment Centre/Opened

Building commenced in early 1990, with the Honourable John Bannon, Premier of South Australia, officially opening the Centre on 20 July 1991. Over 750,000 hours were spent on construction of the Adelaide Entertainment Centre.

What is the capacity of Adelaide Oval?

Adelaide Oval/Capacity

Who do I complain to about Ticketek?

How long does Ticketek take to respond?

You can check your confirmed bookings for upcoming events in your order history. A Ticketek customer service agent will endeavour to reply to your email in the next 3-5 business days.

Is there an ombudsman for Ticketek?

Ticketek’s recommendation: NSWFT should direct consumers to make complaints to the business in the first instance, using their complaints procedure. a) Currently, all complaints received by NSWFT are counted towards the number of complaints displayed on the Register.

How many people are in Rod Laver Arena?

Rod Laver Arena/Capacity
Rod Laver Arena has a seating capacity of 14,820, with a capacity of 15,400 for sports such as basketball, when extra seats are added around the court, and up to 14,200 for concerts with floor seating. The arena currently attracts over 1.5 million visitors per year.

Where can I buy tickets for Adelaide Entertainment Centre?

Ticketek Agency Locations Tickets for concerts or events at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre are purchased from Ticketek online at or phone 132 849. Patrons with special needs (e.g. disabled, hearing or sight impairments, mobility restrictions) contact 1300 665 915.

What is happening to the Adelaide Festival Centre call centre?

A dedicated call centre for Adelaide Festival Centre venues will continue to operate in South Australia with the current 131 246 number remaining the same. Existing BASS outlets will transition to Ticketek over the next three months. Ticketholders will be contacted directly about any ticketing changes.

Where is the Adad Adelaide Entertainment Centre?

Adelaide Entertainment Centre Arena. Address: Corner Port Road and Adam Street Hindmarsh SA 5007 Australia

How do I Reserve a parking space at Adelaide Entertainment Centre?

Please contact the Adelaide Entertainment Centre on 08 8208 2222 in advance of the event to reserve your car park. Parking is limited. Patrons’ vehicles must display the appropriate permit from the Motor Registration Department.