How did Pierre-Paul lose a finger?

How did Pierre-Paul lose a finger?

Even more notable for some casual football fans, Pierre-Paul is now nearing the end of the sixth season he’s played since injuring his right hand in a 2015 fireworks incident. After what could’ve been a career-altering accident, JPP remains one of the most feared sack-artists in football.

What happened to JPP’s fingers?

A July 4 fireworks accident in 2015 when he played for the New York Giants resulted in the amputation of all or parts of three fingers on his right hand. Doctors were focused on just trying to save the use of his hand, but Pierre-Paul’s career not only survived, he thrived with 15-1/2 sacks over the next 28 games.

When did Pierre-Paul lose his fingers?

Pierre-Paul had two major injuries, and each probably should have ended his career. Most NFL fans know about the fireworks accident in 2015 that led to him losing part of his right hand. Then in 2019, he had a car accident that broke his neck.

Does Pierre-Paul have all his fingers?

With only seven functioning fingers left, Pierre-Paul is forced to play football with a giant club on his right hand. He can’t catch anything or grab players with his right hand anymore, but he’s still an effective pass rusher for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

What NFL player blew his fingers off?

JASON PIERRE-PAUL almost lost his life and NFL career after suffering horrific hand injuries from a firework explosion. And now the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive end has revealed images of what happened to his fingers following the incident three years ago in a bid to prevent any further occurrence.

Does JPP have a ring?

JPP was named to two Pro Bowls as a member of the Giants and earned a championship ring in Super Bowl XLVI.

How old is Pierre-Paul?

33 years (January 1, 1989)Jason Pierre-Paul / Age

Is Greg Olsen a HOF?

NFL Hall of Fame rules state that a player must wait five years after their retirement for consideration to join the ranks. In the case of Greg Olsen, it means he must wait until 2026 before he is considered for a spot in the NFL Hall of Fame.

What happened to Jason Pierre-Paul’s hand?

On July 4, 2015, Pierre-Paul — who was then a defensive end on the New York Giants — almost blew off his right hand while handling fireworks. The injury left his hand completely disfigured and led to his index figure being amputated.

What happened to Pierre Pierre-Paul?

Pierre-Paul was rushed to a South Florida hospital, ultimately spending weeks there while undergoing 10 surgeries and rigorous treatment. Rumors about his experience flew all offseason and even throughout the 2015 regular season, with precious little information beyond the broad strokes being confirmed.

Why does Pierre-Paul have a hospital wristband?

The first is a special glove, custom-fitted by Under Armour for his right hand. Mercifully, he’s been given the green light to ditch the club that hampered him last season. Beside it, a hospital wristband. It tells Pierre-Paul all he needs to know about responsibility, about mistakes and how they can turn a man to rubble or help shape him instead.

Why is Jason Pierre-Paul no longer a patient at Jackson Memorial?

And in one way it was true that Jason Pierre-Paul was no longer a patient at Jackson Memorial: That’s because for much of his stay, to avoid media attention, Pierre-Paul says he was checked in under a fake name that his medical staff conjured up: Don X.