Does athenahealth have a patient portal app?

Does athenahealth have a patient portal app?

Mobile-enabled patient portals make it easier for providers, staff and patients to communicate. They allow patients to check test results, refill prescriptions, review their medical record, view education materials and even check in for appointments—all from their mobile devices.

How do I call Athena health?

1 (800) 981-5084
Athenahealth/Customer service

How do I upload documents to Athena patient portal?

While logged into the Patient Portal, click on the blue “Labs & Documents” button on the right-hand side of your screen. 2. Next, please click on the green “upload new document” button in the middle of the screen.

How do I set up a medical portal?

Create enrollment credentials

  1. Create your username. Enter a username you want to use when you login.
  2. Create your password. Enter a password you want to use when you login.
  3. Create your login security authorization. Choose a login security question and enter your answer.
  4. Create your password recovery credentials.

How do I reset my Athena password?

Visit and click on the Patient Login button. Click on the Set Password button. Enter the email you used when you registered. You can now set or reset your password.

How do I upload documents to Athena Patient Portal?

What is Athena electronic medical records?

athenaOne is an electronic health record system with capabilities to handle practice management, billing, patient portals, and more. athenahealth handles electronic medical records as part of their EHR solution.

Who owns Athena health?

Veritas Capital
In November 2018, Athenahealth was bought by Elliott and Veritas Capital for $5.7 billion, and then merged with an organisation that Veritas Capital had acquired from GE Healthcare in April 2018.

How do I send a portal message to a patient in Athena?

To send a secure message, create a new patient case and select ‘Patient Portal’ as the Source/Recipient. Enter your message in the ‘Case Description’ field and click ‘Save’ to send. A secure message was sent to a patient not seen during the reporting period.

What is the athenahealth network?

The athenahealth Network The athenahealth Network The athenahealth Network Improve your data, insights, and capabilities through connectivity Make it easier to deliver high-quality care and optimize your revenue cycle with connections that span the healthcare ecosystem. See how our network can help your organization achieve its full potential.

Why partner with athenahealth?

Leverage our expertise, network, technology, and data-driven insights, and surpass your goals. A partner that’s invested in your future Meet some customers who have realized stronger financial performances after partnering with athenahealth. Hear why they believe we’re stronger together.

What is athenatelehealth?

See our Telehealth solution in action With integrated workflows and functionality that’s easy for both patients and providers, athenaTelehealth offers a safe and convenient virtual care solution as an alternative to in-person visits. Platform Services Platform Services

What is athenaone patient engagement?

athenaOne The industry’s most adaptable, network-enabled suite of healthcare solutions. See our Patient Engagement solution in action Reduce no-shows, empower patients to participate in their care, and build stronger patient-provider relationships throughout the continuum of care with athenaCommunicator. Population Health Population Health