Brainstorming in Writing a Review Paper: Is It Important?

Brainstorming in Writing a Review Paper: Is It ImportantDuring your study process, you will need to write lots of review papers. This kind of paper review online writing helps to summarize knowledge you have received in one particular topic. This is a synthesis of all resources you have studied while working with the subject. It needs to include all the components of a research paper (usually excepting new data and results, since you are just consolidating the material studied).

Steps of Preparing a Review Paper

If you have a task to write a review paper, follow the steps described below and it will simplify this process for you.

  1. Make a good preparation: define the topic and some research questions; determine the literature sources you will use, classify them, read and make notes; specify the preliminary title.
  2. Develop the structure of your paper: make an outline; decide a number of sections you will make and think over the headings for them as well as the content; draft tables, maps and figures if your paper contains them.
  3. Write a draft of your paper: it should include all the parts – introduction, body sections and conclusion of the paper; also do not forget about the abstract.
  4. Make revisions: in order to have a great review paper, you have to revise every letter in all parts of your work including headings, titles, tables, figures, citations, references etc. Pay attention to grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  5. Get your review paper revised by someone competent you trust and whose opinion is important for you. However, if you do not have such an acquaintance, you always can have a paper review online help. Thank you, Internet!

Therefore, now you know the steps you will have to go through during the process of writing your review paper. However, there is one more important thing – you have to fill your paper with bright ideas enounced in the right sentences. Sometimes it is very difficult to be challenging and to avoid using clichés. In order to succeed this, you need to “storm” your brain.

The Importance of Brainstorming

Brainstorming helps you to be creative and strengthens your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. To start brainstorming is rather easy – just take a pen and a list of paper and write down every thought that comes to your head. It may seem messy, but it really helps to organize your thoughts without any pressure. You can write just sentences or you can make diagrams. The choice is your right.

As you see, brainstorming is also a process, so it is possible to divide it into the following steps:

  • Define your goal, look at what you are going to achieve with brainstorming.
  • Defer your criticism and judgment, they are not helpful during brainstorming. Do not evaluate ideas while they are coming to your mind, just write them down.
  • Focus on the topic you have selected, otherwise, your mind can bring you to the spheres not connected to your review paper.
  • Ask as many questions as possible regarding the topic you have chosen and answer them by yourself. By the way let the answers be long, in this way you will be able to get the very heart of the issue.
  • If you do not feel inspired, get some inspiration from other people. You can make a little research on the Web, just do not copy the ideas, concentrate on the fact how they can be applied to your project.
  • If you have enough time, go somewhere. Changing the environment will help you to change your way of thinking. Just do not forget to take something for making notes when new ideas will come to your mind.
  • Do not be afraid when wild ideas pop in your mind, it is the sign that the process is going on in the right direction. You can make a chart with categories and scores to class your ideas accordingly.
  • Select the brightest ideas and decide in which part of your review paper you will be able to use them.

By the way, instead of writing down, you can draw your ideas, it is even faster than writing, does not matter you are not Michelangelo.


Now you see that it is really important to brainstorm while writing your review paper since it helps to describe, associate, compare, apply, analyze and argue for or against your topic. You make your brain shine brightly again and get a stroke of inspiration to energize your creativity.