Are RAs employees?

Are RAs employees?

So, provided the RAs are in school, they are likely not employees for federal minimum wage purposes. Though guidance is limited, RDs appear to fall into category (b) of the DOL’s classification because they are paid and thus would be considered employees for FLSA purposes.

Who is finance minister of Uttarakhand?

List of finance ministers of Uttarakhand

No. Name (birth–death) Term
(5) Indira Hridayesh (born 1941) 18 March 2017
7 Trivendra Singh Rawat (born 1960) 22 March 2017
8 Prakash Pant (born. 1960-2019) 19 June 2017
(7) Trivendra Singh Rawat (born 1960) Incumbent

Who is SSP of Haridwar?

Sh. Senthil Avoodai K Raj S

What is RPS in Rajasthan?

The Rajasthan Police is headed by the Director General of Police (DGP). Sub-Inspectors, 8867 Head Constables and 52,837 Constables and about 700 Indian Police Service (IPS) and Rajasthan Police Service (RPS) officers.

Where is the state police training academy situated in Uttarakhand?

It is ideally located at Haldwani, district Nainital (Uttarakhand) which has train and bus connectivity to other parts of country. The administration of the academy is headed by an officer of the Indian Forest Services (IFS), of the rank of Chief Conservator of Forests (CCF).

Can an RA date a resident?

At their simplest, the rules state that an RA cannot date a student on his or her floor OR in the same building. Each RA is required to keep a journal of each interaction with residents living on his or her floor, essentially taking a huge chunk of privacy out of their living experience.

Who is the police commissioner of Uttarakhand?

IPS Ashok Kumar

Who is who in Uttarakhand?

The present unicameral legislature of Uttarakhand is the Legislative Assembly of Uttarakhand. It comprises 70 Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs)….Government of Uttarakhand.

Seat of Government Gairsain (summer) Dehradun (winter)
Governor Baby Rani Maurya
Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat
Chief Secretary Om Prakash, IAS

Who is the DM of Dehradun?

General Election to the house of people, 2004 UTTARANCHAL STATE

S. No District Name Name of DM/DC
2 Tehri Shri Puneet Kansal
3 Dehradun Smt. Manisha Panwar
4 Hardwar Shri S.K.Maheswari
5 Pauri Shri Harish Chandra Joshi

What makes a good resident assistant?

What qualities make a good RA? All of our staff is different, but some common qualities of successful RAs include leadership, communication, conflict resolution, problem solving, integrity, positive role modeling, innovation, peer development, critical thinking, collaboration, teamwork, and a love for community.

How many RTC are there in CRPF?

Training Institutions of CRPF

SL NO. Type of Training Institution Name of Training Institution
4 Recruit Training Centre RTC Jodhpur, Rajasthan
RTC Amethi, U.P.
5 Counter Insurgency and Anti Terrorism School CIAT-Silchar, Assam

Who is deputy CM of Uttarakhand?

Current Indian deputy chief ministers

State (past deputy chief ministers) Name Took office (tenure length)
Tripura (list) Jishnu Dev Varma 9 March 2018 (3 years, 24 days)
Uttar Pradesh (list) Dinesh Sharma 19 March 2017 (4 years, 14 days)
Keshav Prasad Maurya
Uttarakhand Vacant

Who is the IPS of Uttarakhand?

Copyright 2021 Police Department, Government of Uttarakhand….Print. IPS Seniortiy List.

Shri Pushpak Jyoti SPS-2001
Shri Ajay Rautela SPS-2001
Shri Kewal Khurana RR-2004

How many police training are there in Rajasthan?

Rajasthan Police Academy is one of the top six police training institutions in the country as adjudged by Bureau of Police Research and Development, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India….Training.

Year 2016-17
Basic Courses 0789
Promotion Cadre Courses 0959
Special Courses 2463
Total Number of Persons trained 4211

Who was the first DGP of Uttarakhand?


Who is IAS officer of Rajasthan?

Among others, 12 IAS officers including – Arushi Ajey Malik, Joga Ram, P C Kishan, P Ramesh, Poonam, Bhanwar Lal Mehra, Prem Chand Bairwal, Kailash Chand Meena, Gajanand Sharma, Suresh Chand Gupta, Binita Srivastav and Dinesh Kumar Yadav – have been promoted to Level-14 in pay matrix.

How many BSF training Centres are there in India?

Presently 186 Battalions are sanctioned to BSF. Five major training institutions and 10 Subsidiary Training Centres (STCs) are imparting ab-initio as well as in-service training to its ranks and other CPOs/SPOs including IPS Probationers.

Why are you applying to be a resident assistant?

Why do you want to become a RA? Most students apply because they want to get free meals, accommodation and stipend. Or they like the RA role because it offers an easy way of blending into the community, and getting to know the other students.

What does a resident assistant do?

An RA has many roles and responsibilities, including building a residential community through programming, acting as a mentor for students, being a familiar first resource for students with academic or institutional questions, and enforcing residence policies.

What happens if an RA finds alcohol?

If you get caught drinking in the dorms by your RA… You will likely have to take an alcohol responsibility class that costs a good $100 or so. This mark will show up on your permanent school record as well – so basically it’s stuck with you for life.

What is RAs job?

Chief Secretary. Devendra Bhushan Gupta, IAS. Rajasthan Administrative Service, popularly known as RAS, is a state civil service of state Rajasthan along with Rajasthan Accounts Service, Rajasthan Police Service and other services. The officers are included in the state cadre of civil service officers.

Are RAs students?

Resident Assistants (RAs) are undergraduate or graduate student staff members who live in the residence halls. RAs receive free housing and a meal plan in exchange for their work in the halls.

Who is the IG of Rajasthan?

Anti Corruption Bureau, Rajasthan

S. No. Name of Officers Designation
1 B.L. Soni Director General
2 Sh. Dinesh M.N. Addl. Director General
3 Sh. Hinglaj Dan Inspector General-I

Do RAs get paid?

And some schools pay RA’s a financial stipend along with these perks, somewhere in the ballpark of $600 per semester. So free housing, free food, free parking, discounted tuition, and you’d get paid on top of it all! 2. You can plan a bunch of fun things to do with your students.

How do I get a job in RA?

Getting the Necessary Experience and Skills. Earn at least 40 undergraduate credits. To become an RA, you must first earn at least 40 undergraduate credits at your chosen university or college. Many RAs start off as first year undergraduate students and then apply for the position for the second year of their degree.

Do resident assistants get free room and board?

There are advantages and disadvantages to any job, and being an RA is no different. The most obvious — not to mention the most well-known — perk is receiving free or discounted room and board in exchange for fulfilling your duties. Some campuses also offer stipends, hourly pay and discounted meal plans too.