Ability to write reports in student life

Ability to write reports in student lifeWriting skills are what every student need. Moreover, such skills are valued in adult life, when hiring in various fields.

However, most students experience the biggest problems in this area, and teachers rarely pay attention to teaching their students the art of writing.

Therefore, they need to be able to develop these skills on their own.

Not hurry

Most students sit down to write their essay or essay the night before it needs to pass – and write until the morning. Some of them even convince themselves that this is how they write best. In fact, this is far from the case.

Teachers give such tasks usually not for a day or two, but for several weeks, and there are reasons for this. Therefore, you need to learn how to properly allocate your time and take your time when writing an essay.

But you will be able to finish in time and serious approach to work, to collect the necessary information and to be able to transfer it on paper accurately and competently, observing own style.

Plan – then write

Many students approach writing essays or other written work in a fundamentally wrong way. They look at the topic-and immediately begin to Express their thoughts on paper. However, this way you will not be able to create a full-fledged work.

First of all, you need to do planning – mentally divide your written work into several thematic blocks, make a plan on the draft, breaking all the potential text into points on which you can write keywords and important information.

And only then sit down to write your essay, adhering to the plan that you have made.

No plagiarism

Many students try to make their lives easier by copying entire pieces of someone else’s text into their essays or by report writing service, however, a competent teacher will quickly find someone who uses someone else’s mind to write their work.

This will show that you do not respect yourself if you are engaged in plagiarism. Moreover, even if you copy information from other works and give a link to the source, still be careful.

The fact is that any report is a work that you have to do on your own, it shows how you know both the language and the topic at the same time.

Don’t use Wikipedia

All those students who are looking for ways to make it easier for them to write an essay can immediately consider themselves losers. The use of the Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia, as well as other similar resources, is not welcome. If you are writing your essay at a higher education institution, the materials you are studying must be of an appropriate level.

Of course, Wikipedia is not one of them. Although it offers information on almost all aspects of life, this information is superficial and publicly available, that is absolutely not suitable for a University student.

Draw conclusions

Many students make the mistake of confusing conclusions with summing up. They just give at the end of the text a brief retelling of the main points of their work, but this is not exactly worth it.

Your goal at the end of the work to draw conclusions from all the reflections that you have set out on paper, to find something new based on the material that you have studied.


In this article, the most common mistakes of students in writing their works were considered. Was also given advice on how to avoid such mistakes and not to fall into an awkward position.

As you probably understand that the ability to write reports will be needed not only when you are studying at university, but also in adult life. Therefore, writing skills need to develop, starting as a student. This will give you a huge boost in your work, show your skills, your knowledge, as well as allow yourself to prove yourself as an excellent specialist. Believe me, no employer would want to lose a qualified specialist.

And most importantly, remember, NO PLAGIARISM, respect yourself, your work and the people around you.