Why is Tom Robinson a hero?

Why is Tom Robinson a hero?

Tom Robinson can be considered a hero for demonstrating courage, integrity, and composure during his trial and valiantly fighting for his freedom in front of a racist jury and audience.

How did Jem lose his pants?

Jem loses his pants when they get stuck in a fence on the Radley property as they are feeling from Nathan Radley shooting at them. When jem returned later that night to get his pants they had been untangles from the fence, sewn (very poorly), and folded and hung on the fence as if they were waiting for him.

Who is the most important character in To Kill a Mockingbird?


Does Atticus change throughout kill mockingbird?

Throughout the course of To Kill A Mockingbird, we recognise Atticus as one of the only characters who stays ethnically-fair and honest to his word. Although he does not change significantly, there are subtle changes which allow us to see more about him as a character.

Why is Atticus not called Dad?

Scout calls her father “Atticus.” This is also unusual because “Atticus” is her father’s first name and most American children don’t call their parents by their first names.

What mental illness does Boo Radley have?

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Boo demonstrates an intense emotional connection in his protectiveness toward Scout and Jem, even to the point of risking his life to save theirs.

How did Jem’s arm get broken?

How did Jem break his arm? In the first sentence of the novel, Scout says that Jem broke his arm. At the end of the novel Bob Ewell, who has suffered as a result of Atticus’s defense of Tom Robinson, attacks Jem and Scout on their way home from the Halloween pageant. Jem breaks his arm in the struggle.

What does Tom Robinson teach us?

mwestwood, M.A. Tom has taught Scout that the citizens of Maycomb may not really be the “best folks in the world” after all. What has happened to poor Tom Robinson in the Maycomb county courtroom causes Scout to realize that good does not always conquer evil; further, Tom’s cruel treatment by Mr.

Why is Atticus Finch an outsider?

Atticus Finch is considered to be an outsider because he defends the other outsiders in Maycomb county. Finch is defending Tom Robinson in the rape trial because he was assigned to by the court, however; instead of brushing the case off, he works to prove the defendant is not guilty.

How does Tom Robinson change throughout the novel?

Although Tom Robinson is an important character in the book, he does not change. He is a gentle, kind man and he remains that way throughout the book. Tom is compassionate and submissive. In court he testifies that he felt sorry for Mayella Ewell and tried to help her out as much as he could.

Why is Atticus Finch important in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Atticus plays a significant role in Scout’s moral development by giving her important life lessons. Atticus teaches Scout about the importance of exercising perspective, controlling her negative emotions, and defending innocent beings. He also leads by example and maintains his composure when faced with adversity.

Why does Tom Robinson represent a Mockingbird?

Tom Robinson is like a symbolic mockingbird because of his innocence; he has not harmed anyone and is an admirable character who offers help to others. Because Tom is not guilty, it makes it “sinful” to harm him.

Did Atticus Finch win the case?

The African American community loads the Finch family with food for defending Tom so valiantly, which surprises the children because Atticus didn’t win. Atticus tells Jem not to be disheartened because he will appeal Tom’s case, and they stand a much better chance of winning on appeal.