Why do I keep hitting my wedge shots fat?

Why do I keep hitting my wedge shots fat?

Fat and thin shots are caused by the same problem: The club bottoms out before the ball. The cause often is that the swing is out of sequence. The momentum of the swing pulls the club down to the ball. If you start with the club on the ground, you’re setting up for a fat shot.

How do I stop hitting irons fat and thin?

If your right hip slides to the right on your backswing instead of turning, you will most likely hit the fat or thin shot. Keep that right leg in place and just turn your right hip back behind you. * Standing too far from the ball will also cause these problem shots.

What causes fat chips?

A ‘fat’ chip shot (or full shot, for that matter) takes place when the leading edge of the club enters the turf before the club face has made contact with the ball. Since the sweet spot of the club face is too high off of the ground, it misses the ball and it is only the leading edge which strikes the back of the ball.

Why do I always hit my irons fat?

One of the main reasons that golfers hit fat shots is they are desperately trying to get the ball in the air. Hitting the ball fat is often a consequence of having an angle of attack that is too steep. To prevent this, feel like you take the club back with your arms whilst rotating your shoulders around your spine.

Why do I keep Fatting my irons?

Too much hip rotation in the golf downswing is a common cause of heavy (or fat) iron shots. Here’s how to avoid it… The best golfers shift the lead knee and hip towards the target even before the club starts changing direction into the downswing.

Why do I keep hitting my chips fat?

If you tend to hit chips fat more than thin then it could be that your chipping stroke is too steep and you’re digging into the ground too much. Taking a divot is ideal for a full iron shot but when chipping from short grass, you want to simply brush the grass past impact.

Why do I hit pitch shots fat?

The biggest problem is making a backswing that’s too long, and then, in fear of hitting the shot too far, slowing the club down as it approaches the ball. The typical result is contact with the ground behind the ball—the dreaded fat shot.

How do I Stop Hitting fat wedge shots?

Simply put, if you are going to get rid of the tendency to hit fat wedge shots, you have to stop sliding. The golf swing is a rotational motion, and any lateral motion which takes place is simply a by-product of your rotation.

Why do my wedge shots hit the turf before hitting the ball?

It is rather common for amateur golfers to struggle with fat or heavy wedge shots, which means the club hits the turf before hitting the ball. If you deal with this problem in your own game, you already know that hitting the ball fat is going to cause your shot to come up well short of the target.

How do I Fix my Fat shot?

The best way to go about fixing the fat shot is to look at your own swing and try to determine why you’re hitting the ground before the ball. You can look at your own swing recorded on video, or you can get someone else to look at your swing and try and isolate the problem.

Can I Stop Hitting fat shots in golf?

Also note that it is impossible to eliminate fat shots completely — every golfer hits them once in a while, including Tour pros. You can, however, drastically reduce their frequency and be well on your way to playing better golf.