Why did Warren leave Against Me?

Why did Warren leave Against Me?

William Warren Oakes (born January 23, 1981) is an American drummer best known for his eight years spent as the drummer for the punk rock band Against Me!. On June 8, 2009, Oakes announced that he was leaving the band to pursue a career as a restaurateur.

Why did Jay Weinberg leave madball?

Weinberg says he quit because he and the other musicians didn’t gel when it came to “lifestyle issues,” and that he wasn’t given the credit he deserved for the work he put into their new album, ‘Empire. ‘

Where is the band Against Me from?

Gainesville, FL
Against Me!/Origin

Who has Against Me toured with?

Against Me! has 1909 concerts

Date Concert Venue
Oct 18, 2019 Against Me! / Cursive / Dilly Dally Starland Ballroom
Oct 16, 2019 Against Me! / Chris Cresswell / Dilly Dally Danforth Music Hall
Oct 16, 2019 2 Nights, 4 Records, 48 Songs – Night 2 Chris Cresswell / Dilly Dally / Against Me! Danforth Music Hall

Is madball a straight edge band?

Madball is an American New York hardcore band formed in New York City, that originated in the late 1980s as a side project of Agnostic Front….

Origin New York City, U.S.
Genres Beatdown hardcore
Years active 1988−2001, 2002−present

Why did Inge Johansson leave Against Me?

Inge Johansson (pictured, right) has left Against Me!. The bassist, who played with the (International) Noise Conspiracy prior to joining the Florida punk band in time to tour ‘Transgender Dysphoria Blues’, has been replaced by Andrew Seward.

Is Against Me still together?

Grace confirmed that Against Me! is still continuing as a band, as a clean slate, and that an eighth Against Me!

Who is the lead singer of Against Me?

Laura Jane Grace
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Singer Laura Jane Grace On Gender Transition, Struggles & New Album. Grace, 33, came out as transgender in 2012. She was born Tom Gabel and has performed as the lead singer of the Florida-based punk rock band Against Me! since 1997.

Are Gorilla Biscuits straight edge?

Hardcore icons Gorilla Biscuits came together in the late ’80s to add their two cents to the straight-edge scene in New York City. They were very reactionary, trying to move the movement away from the militant rules that many hardcore straight-edge fans had created around their favorite bands.

What issues were straight edge bands against?

The original straight edge punks vowed to abstain from alcohol, drugs, and tobacco. Other groups added promiscuous sex to the list of vices that clouded the mind and numbed them to the social issues against which they rebelled.

Is against me still together?

What does me Against Me mean?

To dislike or be opposed to someone or something. A specific thing does not have to be stated between “have” and “against”—words like “something” and “anything” are commonly used there.