Who owns the El Rey Theatre?

Who owns the El Rey Theatre?

AEG Live
The El Rey Theatre is a live music venue in the Miracle Mile area of the Mid-Wilshire region in Los Angeles, California. This art deco building was designed by Clifford A….El Rey Theatre.

Owner AEG Live
Type Theatre
Genre(s) Pop, rock, jazz, crossover
Capacity 771

Does El Rey Theatre have seats?

El Rey Theatre/Capacity

Who has performed at the El Rey Theatre?

Not long ago they hosted back-to-back concerts for Bob Dylan and Jackson Browne. Emmylou Harris did a benefit concert there in late ’98. They’ve also had Joe Jackson, Tori Amos, Beck, Sonic Youth and John Hiatt on stage recently.

What is the capacity for El Rey Theater?

How many people does the Fonda Theatre hold?

The Fonda Theatre/Capacity

What is AXS premium?

AXS Premium gives fans direct access to purchasing seats at market value. By purchasing tickets directly from AXS (the official event ticketing provider) fans can eliminate the risk of purchasing tickets that may be considered lost, stolen or counterfeit. …

What is El Rey mean?

as a name for boys has its root in Old English, and the meaning of Elrey is “alder tree”. Elrey is an alternate form of Ellery (Old English). STARTS/ENDS WITH El-, -ey. ASSOCIATED WITH old english, alder (tree)

Who sings El Rey?

Vicente Fernández
El Rey/Artists

Does the Fonda Theater have seats?

Who owns the Fonda Theatre?

The Fonda Theatre

Operator Goldenvoice
Capacity 1,200
Current use Music venue
Opened October 20, 1926

Should the El Rey Theater Close the bar during a performance?

My suggestion to the El Rey Theater management is to close the bar during a performance. We went to see jack septicemia here. The show was wonderful but the theater is horrible. The chairs were uncomfortable, there felt like there was no air conditioning. It was sold out so there were a lot of people in it.

How early can you park at El Rey Theater?

Available 1 hour prior to showtime. What are the parking options at El Rey Theater? Free Parking. Lot across the street and behind venue. What are the general rules of El Rey Theater?

What’s the sound/acoustics like at El Rey?

Unfortunately the sound/acoustics at El Rey was horrible. I’ve seen this same band twice in the 2 weeks on this same tour in 2 other venues and they about blew the roof off both places with the great volume, acoustics, clarity and energy.

What happened to Parkway Drive at El Rey?

Last nights show Parkway Drive was a miss. The band was excellent, they bring a ton of energy and the crowd and band gave 110% all show to make it great. Unfortunately the sound/acoustics at El Rey was horrible.