Who owned Trident Studios?

Who owned Trident Studios?

Stephen Short
Trident Studios was sold in December 1981. It was bought by its senior engineer, Stephen Short, along with three other investors. In 1986, Short bought out the other investors and opened Trident 2 which was opened in 1983 and the investors were J.P. Illiesco and Rusty Egan.

When did Queen Leave Trident?

In May 1975, Freddie was presented with an Ivor Novello Award by the Songwriters Guild for “Killer Queen”. Queen began work on their new album in June. Links with Trident were finally severed – to the band’s great relief – in August, and by September Queen had signed with new management: enter John Reid.

Is Trident Studios still open?

Founded by brothers Norman and Barry Sheffield, Trident made a name for themselves in the 1960’s and still operate today in their original location.

What is a studio console?

In audio, whether it’s in a project studio at home or in a world-class recording facility, the mixing console (which may also be called the mixing board, audio mixer, or in Britain, mixing desk) is an electronic device for combining, routing, or changing the level, tone, and/or dynamics of audio signals.

Who recorded at Olympic Studios?

It is best known for its recordings of many artists throughout the late 1960s to the first decade of the 21st century, including Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Ella Fitzgerald, Queen, Ray Charles, The Who, B.B King, Traffic, Prince, the Eagles, Madonna, Adele and Bjork.

Who refused Bohemian Rhapsody?

Sheffield denied that he had mistreated the band in his capacity as manager, and cited the original 1972 management contracts between himself and Queen in his autobiography published in 2013, Life on Two Legs: Set The Record Straight, in his defence.

What other name can the audio console be called?

Terminology. A mixing console is also known as an audio mixer, audio console, mixing desk, sound mixer, soundboard, or simply as board or mixer.

What is a studio board called?

A studio mixer (also called a desk, board, or console) takes multiple signals and sums (blends) them into a combined output signal. For example, say you have a vocalist, guitarist, bassist, and drummer.

What is a trident a range console?

Trident A Range consoles were originally built by and for Trident Studios. When word spread about this revolutionary new multi-track recording console design, other studios placed their orders and Trident Audio Developments was formed. Cherokee Studios in Los Angeles was one of the early recipients of one of the first production models.

What is the relationship between trident a and Cherokee Studios?

Cherokee Studios and Trident A Ranges have a long history together. Cherokee was one of the first customers for the new console, and the first recording studio in the United States to take delivery and begin recording with one.

What makes the Trident 68 so special?

The Trident 68 is a split in-line console. This means you can switch the inputs on each channel providing an easy workflow when tracking and mixing. The Trident 68 features 6 Aux sends all with pre or post-fade selection, accessible on every channel.

What kind of rack does a Trident 80B have?

The A-Range and Series 80B® Dual Channel 19″ Rack Units, Offer a Piece of Trident’s Legendary Consoles in Rack Format. Embrace the very essence of what made the original Trident Audio outboard gear classics famous in the Digital World.