Who is the noblest foe?

Who is the noblest foe?

The maidens also said that had been the “truest friend” and the “noblest foe” they had ever seen. Such praise of the husband, not just from the wife’s point of view, but from society’s point of view, was aimed at reminding the widow of the nobility and dignity her husband commanded from the world at large.

What is summer tempest?

summer tempest means that in summer storm.

What did the Maiden do to make her cry?


  1. The maidens praised the warrior that he was very kind and a true friend and nobelest foe so that her heart melts and she would cry but they failed.
  2. Then another maiden came and she took off the face cloth from the face of the warrior so that after seeing his face she would cry but they failed.

Did the lady finally cry Why?

Answer. Explanation: the lady finally cry because the face of her child reminds that she is not only a wife of the dead warrior but also a mother of a father less son and now she alone has to take care of her son.

What are the themes in The Tempest?

The Tempest Themes

  • Theme #1. The Illusion of Justice.
  • Theme #2. Superiority of Human Beings.
  • Theme #3. Allurement of Rule.
  • Theme #4. Power and Exploitation.
  • Theme #5. Magic.
  • Theme #6. Revenge and Forgiveness.
  • Theme #7. Power of Language.
  • Theme #8. Colonization.

What is the message of The Tempest?

The main message of any play or novel is called the theme. One of the themes in “The Tempest” is that of justice and the reality or falseness of it. Characters deal with questions about what is just verses what is fair. What does justice really mean for humanity, and how do we cope with it?

What does Boatswain mean?

hull maintenance and related work

Who created the storm in The Tempest?

How did the woman react when she saw the dead warrior?

Answer: The speaker describes the reaction of a woman when her dead husband was brought back to her. Her grief is so overwhelming, she cannot even cry. She didn’t faint or swoon or make even a noise.

Why were the onlookers shocked at the response of the slain warriors wife?

However, the wife shocked everybody. She stood stock still, and she did not shed even a single tear. However, this was not a sign of strength, thought the onlookers. They believed she was in shock, and had not accepted her husband’s death as true till then.

Which of the following is the best example of a tempest?

Answer Expert Verified Since a tempest is a violent and a windy storm, then the best answer should be a rebellion.

What is an example of a tempest?

The definition of a tempest is a violent and windy storm, or an outburst or uproar. A hurricane is an example of a tempest. A sudden argument in a classroom is an example of a tempest.

Who made the wife of the dead warrior cry?

Question 4: Who succeeded in making the woman cry? Answer: A ninety years old nurse named Rose succeeded in making the woman cry.

How does Prospero use his power in the tempest?

Prospero tries to control Miranda’s knowledge of their lives in Milan by keeping it a secret from her. He continues to show his power over by trying to set up Miranda and Ferdinand for marriage but allowing them to believe it was their idea and not his.

What is a great tempest?

noun An extensive current of wind, rushing with great velocity and violence, and commonly attended with rain, hail, or snow; a furious storm. noun Fig.: Any violent tumult or commotion. noun Archaic A fashionable assembly; a drum. See the Note under Drum , n., 4. intransitive verb obsolete To storm.

What did all her maidens who were watching say?

All her maidens, watching, said, ‘She must weep or she will die. ‘

What is the central idea of the poem Home they brought her warrior dead?

Central Idea of Home They Brought Her Warrior Dead: The poem revolves around the death of a warrior and his lady who is so shocked by the death that she is unable to emote any feelings onto her face.

Who has the most power in the tempest?


Why did they want her cry?

Answer: They wanted her to cry because They believed she was in shock, and had not accepted her husband’s death as true till then. All of the widow’s women, who were surrounding her, watched her and finally they said that she must cry, or else she would perish.

What does Tempest mean?

1 : a violent storm. 2 : tumult, uproar. tempest. verb. tempested; tempesting; tempests.

What was the Lady reaction when they brought her warrior home?

Ans. When they brought her warrior home, woman was so shocked that she could neither speak nor move to express her feelings. So she neither cried nor got unconscious to see her dead warrior.

How is power shown in The Tempest?

Prospero’s magical powers allow him to take control of situations of slowly developing chaos. That he has powers over his surroundings far greater than those of an ordinary human, is incontestable, as is the fact that he uses them for good in the course of the play.

Why did Shakespeare write tempest?

It is thought to have been inspired by Shakespeare’s reading of a real-life event described by a voyager: On July 24, 1609 a fleet of nine English vessels was nearing the end of a supply voyage to the new colony of the Bermudas when it ran into “a cruel tempest,” presumably a hurricane. …

Why did the warrior’s wife not cry after seeing her husband’s corpse?

Her grief is so overwhelming, she cannot even cry. She didn’t faint or swoon or make even a noise. Her friends watched her, and they became worried about her because she seemed not to grieve properly. They thought she might die if she did not weep as she should.

What does the poet tell us about the dead warrior?

Answer. Home they Brought her Warrior Dead by Alfred Lord Tennyson. Home they Brought her Warrior Dead tells the story of a woman who lost her husband in battle. For the first few stanzas, the widow is seen only as a woman who has lost her husband.