Which is the bluest frontosa?

Which is the bluest frontosa?

Cyphotilapia gibberosa blue Zaire – the bluest of all frontosa.

What is a MOBA frontosa?

The Frontosa Cichlid Cyphotilapia frontosa (originally Paratilapia frontosa) is a very handsome fish and held in the highest regard by cichlid keepers. The most regularly seen variety is the Burundi Six-stripe Frontosa. It has a high body, nice banding, and a good amount of blue.

What size tank do I need for frontosa?

As some of the largest cichlids in Lake Tanganyika, Frontosas require especially large aquariums as adults. For a single specimen you’ll need at least 75 gallons of space. 55 gallon aquariums are unfortunately too narrow for a single adult.

What are good Tankmates for frontosa?

Some good tank mates for Cyphotilapia frontosa include:

  • Haplochromis cichlids.
  • Peacock cichlids.
  • Synodontis catfish.
  • Large Plecostomus catfish.
  • Clown Loaches.

How many types of Frontosa are there?

But there has been considerable taxonomic revision and here are now at least 2 species and several more nominal species under investigation. The Southern Frontosa or Blue Frontosa Cyphotilapia gibberosa was identified and described as its own species by Takahashi and Nakaya as recently as 2003.

How big can a Frontosa get?

C. frontosa can grow to 33 cm (1.1 ft) in length. Even captive specimens potentially grow to this size. It has distinct markings with five to seven black vertical bars adorning a white or blue body and head and trailing fins with a distinct blue hue.

What temp do Frontosas like?

Frontosa Cichlid Temperature The optimum temperature for maintaining frontosa fish is between 79-82°F (26-28°C).

What is Zaire Blue Frontosa?

As we mentioned, the very much desired “Zaire Blue” Frontosa types covers those caught from collection points in Zaire which include the Kitumba, Kapampa and Moba types.

Where can I buy MOBA frontosa?

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What is the best variety of frontosa?

The most regularly seen variety is the Burundi Six-stripe Frontosa. It has a high body, nice banding, and a good amount of blue. Due to long time captive breeding this variety is the most readily available. However the most colorful variety is the Zaire Blue Frontosa. It has the most blue, sometimes looking almost purple.

Where does the band go on a Frontosa?

On the Burundi type of Frontosa the band goes directly over the head however on those not caught from Burundi area the band goes round the front of the face and over the eyes, looking very much like a mask, often referred to as a Zorro mask.