Which hills are located in Visakhapatnam?

Which hills are located in Visakhapatnam?

8 Scenic Hill Stations Near Visakhapatnam

  • Ananthagiri – 82 km.
  • Lambasingi – 101 km.
  • Araku – 114 km.
  • Nallamala Hills – 528 km.
  • Tirumala – 728 km.
  • Nagari Hills – 757 km.
  • Seshachalam Hills – 791 km.
  • Horsley Hills – 854 km.

What is special about Borra Caves?

Studies suggest that the Borra Caves were formed due to the flow of Gosthani River on limestone deposits. The caves have impressive stalactite and stalagmite formations of Shiva-Parvati, mother-child, crocodile, human brain, rishi’s beard and cow’s udder among others.

What are the Borra Caves?

The Borra Caves, also called Borra Guhalu, are located on the East Coast of India, in the Ananthagiri hills of the Araku Valley (with hill ranges’ elevation varying from 800 to 1,300 m (2,600 to 4,300 ft)) of the Visakhapatnam district in Andhra Pradesh.

  • The native name for the caves is Borra Guhalu.
  • Which river is near by Visakhapatnam?

    The Gosthani rises in the Ananthagiri Hills of the Eastern Ghats and flows through the Borra Caves which lie near its source. It is the largest river flowing through Visakhapatnam city.

    Are Borra Caves opened?

    According to the Vizag tourism department, entry is open every day and Borra Caves timings are from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. The best time to visit Borra Caves is between November and March.

    Who invented Borra Caves?

    geologist William King Gorge
    History of the Borra Caves : The caves of Borra are said to be more than 150 years old. These wonder caves were discovered by the British geologist William King Gorge in the year 1807.

    What is the biggest cave in India?

    Krem Liat Prah
    Numbers and size of caves With an explored length of 30,957 metres (101,565 ft), Krem Liat Prah in Jaintia Hills is the longest cave in Meghalaya, as well as India, and is listed among the longest caves in the world.

    How many rivers are there in Vizag?

    41 Rivers and Lakes Near Visakhapatnam.

    Where is Sarada river located?

    Visakhapatnam district
    River Sarada is a medium-sized river in Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh, India.

    Why Ananthagiri Hills is the best tourist destination of Vizag?

    Ananthagiri Hills is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Vizag. It is an ideal retreat for nature lovers and honeymooning couples. Ananthagiri Hills is known for its beauty and natural splendor. Ananthagiri Hills is almost 60 km away from Vizag. It is a lifetime experience to witness the natural beauty of these hills.

    How do I reach Anantagiri from Vizag?

    The hills of Anantagiri are called the Badrinath of the South because of this lake. You can enjoy the nature at its best here and replenish all your lost energies in this hill resort, which is more of a health station. By Road : RTC buses runs from vizag in regular intervels from Vizag.

    What makes Ananthagiri a perfect health resort?

    The impressive hill station, Ananthagiri, protected in the lush and rolling ranges of the Eastern Ghats, is about 40 km from Visakhapatnam. Located thanks to the Araku depression, the place is taken into account as an ideal health resort.

    What is Ananthagiri famous for?

    Ananthagiri is generally associated with an Araku Valley trip and the two are one for most visitors as they are located only 26 kilometers away, wherein the hills are nestled amidst Araku and Vizag. Both the hills and the valley are named for their beauty, but these are linked to other locations as well.