When did Aiden leave CSI New York?

When did Aiden leave CSI New York?

Aiden Burn
First appearance “MIA/NYC NonStop” May 17, 2004
Last appearance “Heroes” May 10, 2006
Portrayed by Vanessa Ferlito
City New York City

Why did Lindsay leave CSI: NY?

Because of Lindsay’s withdrawal from Danny, their relationship for most of Season 3 is professional and strained. In “The Lying Game,” Lindsay leaves for Bozeman to testify for the state against Daniel Kadence, the man accused of murdering her 3 friends and the waitress.

Why did Melina Kanakaredes leave CSI New York?

While some actors leave shows because of behind-the-scenes drama or creative turmoil, Melina Kanakaredes’ motives for walking off “CSI: NY” appear to have been simple. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actress’ contract was up after six seasons, and she was ready to move on.

How many seasons CSI New York?

CSI: NY/Number of seasons

Does Don Flack died in CSI NY?

They put aside their indignation to collar the murderer once more. Flack is mere feet away when the man plummets from a roof, handcuffed, and lands on a police cruiser, fatally wounded.

How long was Vanessa Ferlito on CSI New York?

Vanessa Ferlito
Occupation Actress
Years active 2001–present
Known for CSI: NY (2004–2006) Graceland (2013–2015) NCIS: New Orleans (2016–2021)
Children 1

Did Danny and Lindsay get married?

Danny is married to fellow CSI Lindsay Monroe. They have a daughter, Lucy Messer. It is revealed in season 9 that Lindsay is pregnant with their second child, a boy.

What happened on the last episode of CSI: NY?

February 22, 2013
CSI: NY/Final episode date

Who are the main characters in CSI NY?

This was the second CSI series to be cancelled.

  • Of the four series in the CSI franchise,CSI: NY lost the least amount of regular cast members during its run,with two.
  • This is one of two CSI series to crossover with a non- CSI branded show ( Cold Case ).
  • Who are the actors in CSI New York?

    Together, Mac, Stella, and Jo head an elite team of detectives including Danny Messer, Aiden Burn, and Lindsay Monroe. The team also works alongside CSI Sheldon Hawkes, Detective Don Flack, Medical Examiner Sid Hammerback, and CSI trainee Adam Ross. Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) is a Detective First Grade and the director of the NYPD crime lab.

    Who is the cast of CSI NY?

    CSI: NY: Gary Sinise, Hill Harper, Carmine Giovinazzo, Eddie Cahill, Anna Belknap, Robert Joy, Melina Kanakaredes, A.J. Buckley

    Where is the cast of CSI New York?


  • Jane Parsons (played by Sonya Walger in seasons 1–2) is a technician in the DNA lab.
  • Chad Willingham (played by Chad Lindberg in season 1) is a technician in the Ballistics lab.
  • Zack Shannon (played by David Julian Hirsh in season 2) is a tech in the Trace lab.
  • Kendall Novak (played by Bess Wohl in season 4) is a technician in the Trace lab.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lV719tW_AUo