What rows are under the overhang at PNC Park?

What rows are under the overhang at PNC Park?

The back rows of both the 300-level and the 200-level that are under the stadium’s overhang may be the only places to find protection from the sun at this time.

Where are the best seats at PNC Park?

The best seats for a Pittsburgh Pirates game at PNC Park are located in the sections behind the plate and surrounding the infield, in sections 9-24 and 109-124. If these sections are a bit out of your price range, the seats near the foul poles are also a nice option.

How do rows work at PNC Park?

The field level seats at PNC Park consist of sections 1 through 32, as well as sections 101 through 147. For sections 1 through 32, most rows are lettered A through M. The number of rows for sections 101 through 147 will vary, but typically begin with rows A through Z, followed by rows AA through HH.

How are seats numbered at PNC Park?

PNC park seats are organized by section (I.e., 123), row (it’ll be a letter) and then by a seat number (13 and 14). You’ll be behind the pirates dug out on the lower bowl. Once you find out your row, go on the pirates website to see the seating chart while doing a dummy booking. 2.

Where are the all you can eat seats at PNC Park?

All You Can Eat Seats, Sections 145, 146, 147: Depending on availability, 38 bucks gets you a ticket to the game in right field and a wristband that magically grants you all you can eat burgers, hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, peanuts, and soda.

What are the best seats at PNC?

The 5 Best Seats at PNC Park

  • Section 316, Row K, Seat 22. Call it the purist’s seat.
  • Section 222, Row D, Seat 10. The amenities in the Pittsburgh Baseball Club level are nothing to sneer at.
  • Section 16, Row C, Seat 4.
  • Section 112, Row P, Seat 10.

What are Bowser blasts at PNC Park?

The Bowser Blasts (also known as Bucco Blasts) is a scoreboard which keeps tally of all the Pirates home runs hit at PNC Park during the course of a season. The seats located just above the sign are handicap accessible seating areas designated for fans who need wheelchair access.

Do Pirates own PNC Park?

PNC Park is a baseball park located on the North Shore of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is the fifth home of Major League Baseball’s Pittsburgh Pirates….PNC Park.

Owner Sports & Exhibition Authority of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County
Operator Pittsburgh Pirates

Is PNC Park a hitters park?

PNC Park, the home of the National League’s Pittsburgh Pirates since 2001, has hosted one no-hitter, which is one more than the team’s longtime home of Forbes Field from 1909-1970. (Note that Three Rivers stadium, the ballpark between these two, hosted three no-nos.)

How wide are the seats at PNC Park?

On the lower level of PNC Park, most seats will be either 19 inches or 20 inches wide. There also will be 1,000 box seats with 21-inch seats and 400 club seats with 22-inch seats.

Where are the seats in row F at PNC Park?

Row F in Sections 20-23 will be directly behind the Pirates dugout on the third base side, while seats in Row F of Sections 10-13 are directly behind the visitors dugout on the first base side. How many rows in each section at PNC Park?

What section is the Pirates dugout at PNC Park?

The Pittsburgh Pirates’ dugout is located in front of sections 20 through 23. The visiting team’s dugout is located in front of sections 10 through 13. PNC Park’s bullpens are located adjacent to section 138.

What is field level infield seating at PNC Park?

Field Level Infield seating is found on the lowest tier of PNC Park directly behind the two dugouts for close views of the action. Also known as the Dugout Box, sections 20-24 on the third base side are located directly behind the Pirates dugout, while sections 9-13 are located directly behind the visitors.

Where are the Pittsburgh baseball club seats at PNC Park?

The Pittsburgh Baseball Club seats are located in sections 207 through 228. The rows for the Pittsburgh Baseball Club seats are lettered A through K. Guests seated in the Pittsburgh Baseball Club seats will receive the following perks. PNC Park’s Pirates Cove seats are located in sections 201 through 205 on the Pittsburgh Baseball Club level.