What makes a good fireplace screen?

What makes a good fireplace screen?

Choose between solid brass or polished stainless steel frame. Either option will give your room a glamorous look while protecting furnishings from sparks and embers. Like other glass fireplace screens, you’ll appreciate the ability to admire the flames behind the clear glass screen.

How do you measure a 3 panel fireplace?

To determine which screen size is right, measure your fireplace opening, adding 10 to 12 inches to the width, and 3 to 5 inches to the height. To make it even simpler, Hayneedle offers a handy “shop by size” feature.

What is a fireplace screen called?

A fire screen or fireguard began as a form of furniture that acted as a shield between the occupants of a room and the fireplace, and its primary function was to reduce the discomfort of excessive heat from a log fire.

How do you measure a fireplace screen?

Wood Fireplace Sizing Guidelines Flat Fireplace Screens- Should overlap the opening by 1” (or up to 4”) on top and sides. Folding Fireplace Screens should be 3-4” taller than the fireplace opening and 10-12” wider. This will ensure that your screen stands on it’s own.

Is a fireplace screen necessary?

A fireplace screen is needed to help prevent any hot embers from spitting out into the room, which is particularly important when the fireplace located is near wooden floor or carpet. ‘Use a metal mesh or screen in front of the fireplace to catch flying sparks that could ignite or burn holes in the carpet or flooring.

Do fireplace screens block heat?

A fireplace screen can therefore (by the very nature of it being a barrier) block some of the heat being a generated by an open fire. Although fireplace screens can block some heat, the amount of heat generated by an open fire can be small and so this blocked heat can be insignificant.

Are fireplace screens standard size?

The two screen sizes most commonly available are 39” wide by 31” high and 44” wide by 33” high. If your fireplace opening will not fit in the range of those two sizes, you may consider getting a custom screen made to precisely fit your opening.

What is a Victorian fire screen?

Fire-screens became an important piece in the Victorian parlour. They were hand-made, often from painted papier-mache or from metal with an embroidered design. They were used to show off the needlework or artistic skills of a woman.

Do you really need a fireplace screen?

Do you always need a fireplace screen? If you have a stone floor or a wide stone or metal surface in front of the fire, it is always necessary to put a fire screen in front of the fire if there is no one supervising the fire. The use of a fireplace screen is also sensible for a gas fireplace.

Should a fireplace screen cover the entire opening?

For wood-burning fireplaces, the screen should be flush with the opening of the firebox or built into the opening. This avoids any sparks popping out of the top, sides or bottom of the fireplace opening. If the fireplace is gas-burning, the screens are not a necessity and do not need to cover the entire opening.